HC Chapter 936

Seeing that Ye Yunla was finally no longer acting in that careless and uncaring manner, Zhuang Yuan hooked her lips and smiled.

Thinking she had Ye Yunla’s seventh inch, she continued to speak, “How come you can’t mention that your mother hooked up with someone from our Zhuang family over twenty years ago? Ye Yunla, even if you become the young lady of the Fu family, it doesn’t change the fact that you are an illegitimate daughter! How pitiful for the Ye family, raising an illegitimate daughter for someone else, and when the illegitimate daughter grows up, she annexes the entire Ye family, I’m really not worth it for the Ye family ……”

Ye Yunla’s eyebrows sank fiercely.

She raised her hand and fiercely slapped her across the face.

People with good hands were often very strong, and with this slap, she caught Zhuang Yuan off guard.

She was already unsteady, and when she was slapped like that, she hit her head against the wall by the lift, and her brain suddenly buzzed ……

Zhuang Yuan held onto the wall, her face full of disbelief: “How dare you hit me, Ye Yunla, how dare you ……”

“What’s wrong with just hitting you?” Ye Yunla stepped forward and grabbed Zhuang Yuan’s hair, her gaze cold to the core, “Even if you keep provoking me, who allowed you to mention my mother? Who gave you permission to humiliate my mother ……”

Zhuang Yuan’s hair was grabbed and a sharp pain kept coming from her scalp.

She was really going crazy with anger!

She was actually being grabbed by the hair and beaten by a junior!

“Someone! Quickly, someone!”

Zhuang Yuan opened her mouth to call for help despite everything.

She no longer wanted to worry about her image as the president of the Zhuang Group, she just wanted to show everyone how true to her character Ye Yunla was!

A person who had made a move against her elders should be spat upon by everyone!

The commotion here had long attracted the attention of many employees, but those who had previously dared not come around for fear of setting fire to themselves.

But as soon as Zhuang Yuan opened her mouth to call for help, those staff members rushed over in a hurry.

Hearing the messy footsteps, the hostility in Ye Yunla’s eyes intensified.

“Zhuang Yuan, you insulted me, insulted my mother, then you should have expected such consequences.” She grabbed Zhuang Yuan’s hair and fiercely threw it away.

Zhuang Yuan’s head hit the edge of the bin made of metal right on the edge, with a thud, she felt her head was broken, blood instantly blurred her vision ……

Ye Yunla glanced at her indifferently and lifted her steps into the lift.

“Mr. Zhuang, are you alright?”

The staff hurriedly came and hurriedly helped Zhuang Yuan up.

Zhuang Yuan touched her head, her hands were covered in blood, she almost fainted from the pain: “Call an ambulance and call the police!”

“What’s going on here?” Zhuang Shen hurriedly arrived and was shocked to see Zhuang Yuan’s head covered in blood.

“You still have the face to ask me what’s going on?” Zhuang Yuan was furious, “That illegitimate daughter of yours, she beat me up like this! I’ve already had the police called, I’ll make Ye Yunla pay for what she did!”

Zhuang Shen froze for a moment, “That can’t be right, that child Yara wouldn’t do such a thing ……”

Zhuang Yuan’s a*sistant said indignantly, “Miss Ye slapped Mr. Zhuang twice in public at the lift entrance, and grabbed Mr. Zhuang’s hair and pinned him to the bin and beat him, this was seen by all of us ……”

“There is surveillance in the corridor, it was indeed Miss Ye who beat up Mr. Zhuang.”

“Miss Ye is too much, how can she beat up her own aunt?”

“No matter what, she shouldn’t have done it ……”

Zhuang Shen steadied his mind for a moment and said, “I’ll call Lara and ask what’s going on, don’t call the police yet.”

He finished and hurriedly walked to the side to make the call.