HC Chapter 928

“Good New Year, Mommy and Daddy!”

As soon as the door to the room was pulled open, the four children chorused their congratulations for a good New Year.

Ye Yunla’s mood brightened as she handed over the four large red envelopes she had hidden behind her, “I also wish you a happy and healthy New Year.”

“Thank you Mummy for the red envelopes!”

The four little ones took the red envelopes, their faces full of joy.

Fu Beijiu walked over with his long legs, his voice clear and pleasant: “You are also considered five years old, daddy has prepared gifts for you.”

He took out four documents from the drawer and handed them over.

Fu Ziling was the first to jump up excitedly, “Wow, daddy, you’re finally willing to let me manage the company!”

His elder brother had been involved in the family business since he was three years old, and he had always coveted it, and now, he finally had his own company too.

“What about you, sister, what’s your present?” Fu Zi Ling’s head came over, “Wow, a piano company, daddy is too generous to you too!”

He went back to look at Fu Ziyan and Ye Jingzhan’s gifts, both were a company.

The little one’s face dropped instantly, “Now big brother and Jing’er both have two companies and I only have one, I really don’t know what I’m getting excited about.”

“If you can run the company well, you will be given another company at the end of the year, but if -” Fu Beijue looked at him and said indifferently, “if you lose money in the first quarter, the company will be given to your big brother to manage. ”

Fu Ziling immediately stood up straight: “Daddy, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Ye Yunla couldn’t help but lose her smile, “If you don’t understand anything, you can come and ask me.”

“Thank you mummy!” Fu Ziling smiled as he took Ye Yunla’s hand, “Mummy, let’s go downstairs and have breakfast.”

Just after breakfast, Second Uncle Fu’s family arrived at the door.

Although Mrs. Fu had already left far away from Australia, the ritual on the first day of the first month was to pay a visit to the door, as it was every year.

“Second grandfather, second grandmother, good New Year!”

The four children greeted politely, no matter what previous problems they had with Second Aunt Fu, no one wanted to make too much of a scene on New Year’s Day.

“Aigoo, you guys are so good.” Aunt Fu gave the children red envelopes and suddenly sighed, “I thought my sister-in-law would be back for New Year’s Eve, so I was overthinking it. Yara, this New Year’s Eve, the family still needs to be reunited in one piece, why don’t you go to Australia and bring your mother-in-law back yourself?”

Ye Yunla gently lifted her eyes, “Second Aunt, you haven’t even straightened out your own family’s affairs, and you’re coming to meddle in our family’s affairs?”

“……” Aunt Fu’s smile froze on her face, “How can you talk like that? I’m not concerned about my sister-in-law being alone abroad for the New Year.

Aunt Fu spoke indifferently, “Aunt Fu should worry more about her own family’s affairs.”

Second Aunt Fu choked hard, lowering her voice and saying coldly, “Having a daughter-in-law and forgetting her mother, what a wolf-hearted, dog-hearted thing.”

“Second grandmother, I heard that third uncle hasn’t been home this year, is that true?” Fu Ziyan spoke up good-naturedly, “I haven’t seen Third Uncle since he got married. I heard from the maids that it was because the relationship between the second grandmother and the third aunt wasn’t very good, and in order to keep the third aunt from being angry, so the third uncle never came home. I wonder if this is called having a daughter-in-law and forgetting her mother?”

For an instant, the living room was quiet.

Second Aunt Fu’s face could be described as wonderful.

This matter was the biggest pain in her heart. After her son got married, he had just evaporated into thin air, only returning with a congratulatory text message every year for the holidays.

Fu Ziyan’s words were undoubtedly a bag of salt sprinkled on her wound.

“That’s enough.” Second Uncle Fu glared at Second Aunt Fu and said very apologetically, “Beijue, Lara, I won’t bother you much during this New Year’s Eve, if you have time, come to Second Uncle’s house this afternoon for a dinner gathering.”