HC Chapter 922

Master Zhuang did not feel much surprise when Fu Beijiu came to his door.

Half a month ago, Fu Beijiu had stepped in to silence Minister Wu, allowing the resort project to go ahead, and he had heard about this.

If the Fu couple had really divorced, it was unlikely that Fu Beijue would have offended the Ministry of Housing and Construction for the sake of LaLa.

Master Zhuang nodded his head and said in a light voice, “Since everyone is here, let’s sit down.”

Five members of the Zhuang family, plus six members of the Fu family, a total of eleven people sat down at the round dining table.

Fu Beijue was not yet thirty years old, but as soon as he sat down at the table, the aura around him spread out, overpowering the majesty of Master Zhuang’s body.

The Zhuang family has a long history, but in terms of power, it is no match for the Fu family.

Master Zhuang looked at Beijue Fu and said with a little sigh, “They say that heroes come out of youth, and Mr. Fu is a typical representative of this saying.”

“Just call me Beijue.” Fu Beijue lowered his stance, “I’m LaLa’s husband, grandpa doesn’t need to be so polite.”

Zhuang Yuan on the side stared directly round.

She was Zhuang’s executive president and had dealt with Fu inevitably, once she and Fu Beijue had met at a multinational conference.

This young man’s overwhelming aura had left a very deep impression on her.

Just such a decisive, high-flying president, for the sake of Ye Yunla, actually bowed down in front of the old man.

Didn’t the internet say that these two were divorced, so why were they so affectionate?

No wonder she has been giving trouble to the resort project all this time, all to no avail ……

It seems that it was Fu Beijue who was secretly meddling.

Zhuang Yuan clenched her fist and spoke with a leathery smile, “These past few months reporters have been making a lot of noise about the inside story of LaLa and BeiJue’s divorce, I really thought you had already received your divorce papers.”

Yue Yinghan also followed, “I didn’t expect cousin to be so generous, cousin’s husband was having an affair with an outside woman, and cousin was able to put the matter behind her.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Fu Beijue’s cool gaze swept over, like a knife, cutting a layer of skin off her body.

“Han’er, apologize!” Master Zhuang said in a cold voice, “It’s fine if those reporters don’t know about the rumors, but how can you, as a family member, take the rumors seriously?”

Yue Ying Han gritted her teeth reluctantly, “The video of the fight between Ye Yunla and her mistress was released back then, how could it be a rumour? I mention this matter because I want to ask cousin-husband if he’s broken clean with the woman outside or not!”

Zhuang Yuan hooked her lips and said lightly, “Han’er is also worried about her cousin being bullied, that’s why she’s asking this. I think that Bei Jue should give everyone a glimpse of what’s going on, before it was you who negatived Yara, that’s why the media caught wind of your divorce and publicized it every day, now that you two are back together, you have to let us as elders know whether you are sincere or not. ”

Fu Beijiu leaned back in his chair and suddenly laughed.

Ye Yunla laughed along with him, “I call you an aunt, and you really consider yourself an elder?”

Zhuang Yuan’s face sank sharply, “What, are you not going to acknowledge me as an aunt?”

“Are you worthy?” Ye Yunla spoke sarcastically without mercy, “Let’s not talk about how you treat me, let’s just say between you and Ming Feng, if you really took Ming Feng as your own nephew, how would you repeatedly find trouble with Ming Feng? For the sake of being the heir, you first disregarded the brother-sister relationship, then the aunt-nephew relationship, do you think that you deserve to be our aunt?”

Zhuang Yuan’s face instantly turned pig liver coloured.

In all the years she had been in the Zhuang family, no one had ever dared to accuse her so blatantly, apart from Zhuang’s elder son.

She was furious and was about to speak when Elder Zhuang raised his hand and pressed, “It’s the New Year, why are you talking about this, eat.”