HC Chapter 918

The atmosphere in the meeting room was somewhat depressing.

The head of the technical department had joined the team in the first week of the company’s establishment, and had always had a good relationship with Ye Yunla.

He spoke up boldly, “Mr. Ye, there is legislation on biochips abroad, under the restraint of the law, this industry should not develop in such a chaotic and disorderly manner, and we will also abide by the industry guidelines ……”

“Shut up!” Ye Yunla’s eyebrows sank fiercely, “So, even if I don’t agree, you guys still have to collaborate on this project?”

“Mr. Ye, that’s not what I meant.” The technical minister continued, “Under the scope of the laws and regulations, I think we can try something different ……”


Ye Yunla grabbed the coffee cup in her hand and smashed it.

The cup brushed past the technology minister’s ear and fell to the floor, splitting in pieces.

Everyone in the office was shocked.

No one had expected that Ye Yunla would suddenly strike.

Even Ye Yunla herself, was frozen.

She was not a person with a bad temper, and she could always communicate and solve anything that happened properly.

But just now ……

There was also the other day when Fu Ziling stepped on her foot, and she suddenly snapped.

“That’s it, the meeting is adjourned.”

Ye Yunla pinched her brow and turned around to walk out of the conference room.

As soon as she went out, the tense atmosphere suddenly dissipated.

“What’s wrong with General Manager Ye, why is she suddenly so angry?”

“If Mr Ye doesn’t want to do this project, he shouldn’t mention it again, and if he does it again and again, isn’t Mr Ye angry?”

“Mr Ye has always respected the suggestions of all his staff, and in the past when our ideas went against Mr Ye, Mr Ye always communicated well, spoke gently and strongly, and never got angry, let alone hit anyone with something.”

“Isn’t Mr Ye running for the heir of the Zhuang family, maybe he’s in a bit of trouble and is in a bad mood.”

“No matter what, let’s not even mention this project for now, let’s wait until Mr. Ye is in a better mood ……”

The people in the meeting room were talking, while the general manager’s office was very quiet.

Ye Yunla stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, her gaze looking out the window at the skyscrapers, a restless and uneasy heart gradually calming down.

She drank a cup of coffee and turned around to sit in front of her computer.

She logged into her hacker account and easily accessed the overseas hacker marketplace, there were research files on biochips and for a small fee she could buy back a whole bunch of them.

Ye Yunla had been smart since she was a child and could read books at a glance.

Throughout the afternoon, she had been reading these materials and eventually concluded a few points.

Even if the biochip in her body could be destroyed, the victim would still be left with major after-effects, such as intermittent memory loss and irritability.

And since the biochip in her body was not destroyed, the after-effects were feared to be even more serious.

The good thing is that modern medicine is so advanced that irritability can be cured with medicine.

After work, Ye Yunla went downstairs to the office and bought some medicine to swallow before driving home.

The Fu family villa was very heavily guarded, with two bodyguards standing at the entrance and every ten metres after entering.

The courtyard was cold and the children were playing in the living room, with Butler Qiao laughing and accompanying them at the side.

As soon as Ye Yunla entered, several children looked up at her, and only the heartless Little Yinyin rushed over, “Mummy, you’re back!”

Ye Yunla pinched her chubby face, “What are you doing at home today?”