HC Chapter 917

“Mr. Ye, everyone is here, it’s time for the meeting.”

Tan Jing knocked on the door and spoke softly.

Ye Yunla nodded, closed the file and got up to head for the conference room.

She hadn’t been in the company for over half a month, and she had to have a meeting in order to understand the company’s recent situation.

After most of the year’s development, Lara Star Technology Company had become a large internet company of a decent size, and the management meeting alone sat in a whole large conference room with thirty to forty people, which was particularly spectacular compared to the initial three or four people.

“President Ye, the company’s financial statement for this month has come out, the overall profit is 16.8 million ……”

“Mr Ye, the company’s three biggest projects this quarter have all started and made very good progress ……”

“A week ago overseas investment giants have contacted with our company, the other party proposed a new concept, bio-intelligent technology, our company is to do the Internet intelligent products, I think the other party proposed the concept is very interesting, so a few more contacts, we both talk very pleasant, the company planning department has also drawn up a preliminary plan …… ”

Ye Yunla’s indifferent eyes suddenly stalled.

Her gaze swept over coldly: “How come I haven’t seen the application report for this project?”

“Mr. Ye, it’s like this.” The account manager wearing gla*ses stood up and said, “Because the previous meetings had been under negotiation, we hadn’t confirmed that we really wanted to cooperate, so no application report was filed. The initial cooperation proposal prepared by the company’s planning department was only submitted yesterday, so I didn’t have time to show it to Mr. Ye ……”

“There is no need to talk about this project.” Ye Yunla said in a light voice, “Our company has no business in this area.”

The account manager was instantly anxious, “Mr. Ye, you may not know that the intelligent bio industry is developing like wildfire overseas, and at present, this industry has a low threshold and is highly profitable, and companies that have invested in this industry have basically made a fortune. The key thing is that the bio-smart chip industry has a short payback period, with a product development period of about three months, which means that a huge return can be made within six months …… If this industry is made, our company will definitely be able to leap into a large group that can be on par with the Fu Group in Haicheng ……”

Ye Yunla swept a cold eye over, “What, you don’t understand what I’m saying?”

The account manager was instantly dumbfounded.

The marketing manager at the side hastily spoke up, “This project of bio-intelligence our department has done market research, the prospect is very good and the profit is huge, I think we can give it a try ……”

“Mr. Ye, there is no problem on the technical department’s side either.” The head of the technical department stood up and said, “I’ve studied the procedure of the smart chip, it’s actually not that complicated, the technology that needs to be overcome is mainly in the materials used to make the chip ……”


Ye Yunla threw the document in her hand heavily on the desk.

A loud sound made the conference room fall silent, and a pin dropped on the floor seemed to be audible.

The crowd looked up in dismay.

In the impression of these people, Mr. Ye was a strong but gentle person, no matter what suggestions and opinions they put forward, right or wrong, Mr. Ye would always listen to them carefully, and never interrupted them impatiently like today.

Moreover, Mr. Ye’s eyes were very sharp, making them inexplicably a little scared.

Ye Yunla stood up, and her beautiful white fingers tapped on the desktop without rhythm a few times.

She spoke coldly, “Bio-intelligence chip, a black technology embedded in a person’s body, what kind of person needs such a thing?”

Her voice was cold and deep, “Leaders’ armies, servants in the homes of the rich, young girls controlled in the slums …… Can you guarantee that you will never be targeted? This is the kind of stuff that does harm, lending itself to the big name of high tech and black technology and appearing in foreign markets in all its glory. Once this thing is legal and becomes the most common thing, you, you, and you, may one day, be implanted with a chip, and when that happens, you won’t have any choice.”

Her eyes, sharp as blades, swept slowly across the faces of everyone in the room.

The crowd held their breath, not daring to breathe.

Ye Yunla said coldly, “Don’t mention this project again, I don’t agree with it.”