HC Chapter 914

Fu Beijiu soon came in from outside.

His face was cold and sullen, and his gaze indifferently fell on Madam Fu’s face.

Mrs. Fu sheepishly avoided her eyes and said with trembling lips, “I, I’m a bit unwell, I’ll go upstairs first.”

“Don’t you want to know the whereabouts of Fu Nanchuan?” With one sentence, Fu Beijiu made Madam Fu stop in her tracks.

He said in a light voice, “Fu Ziyan, take your younger siblings and go upstairs to play.”

Fu Ziyan knew that this was a conversation between adults and he obediently took his younger siblings’ hands and went upstairs.

Mrs. Fu covered her chest and slowly asked, “Beijue, what have you done to your brother ……”

“It’s not what I did to him, it’s that he chose a path of no return himself.” Fu Beijue said in a light voice, “He died, I personally sent him to the Yellow Springs Road.”

“What ……”

Madam Fu’s eyes abruptly jawed wide, and her entire body instantly went limp on the sofa.

Fu Beijiu did not have the slightest bit of softness in his heart and continued, “If I had sent him to court, it would not have been enough for him to die ten thousand times, a bullet to take his life, he was the one who took advantage of it.”

“How can you do this, how can you do this, he is your own brother!” Mrs. Fu cried out in mourning, “He was born in misery, never enjoyed a day of happiness and peace, he should live, live to see the light of day ……”

“He can aspire to the light, but he shouldn’t covet the light that belongs to me.” Fu Beijiu’s voice was still indifferent to the core, “What the Fu family owed him was returned to him back in the year he turned fifteen. He could have had a completely different life, it was his own choice to sink into the darkness, and it was fate that he came to this point.”

Mrs. Fu slumped on the sofa, crying her heart out.

Ye Yunla thought of the time when Fu Beijiu disappeared two months ago poor ……

Mrs. Fu had also cried, but never like this.

In the two sons, Mrs. Fu will always choose the one she feels indebted to, right?

How is this not another kind of indebtedness to Fu Beijiu?

“Father died because of him, so I didn’t bury him in the Fu family cemetery.” Fu Beijue pursed his lips and spoke, “If you want to burn some paper money for him, I’ll have someone take you there.”

“You’re too cruel, how can you be so cruel ……”

Mrs. Fu got up from the sofa, stumbled and rushed towards Fu Beijiu, hammering hard on Fu Beijiu’s chest.

While hammering, she cried, her sobs mixed with accusations and anger ……

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and spoke coldly, “Mrs. Fu, Fu Nanchuan died in Haicheng, at the hands of both of us, and in the future, whenever you see me and Fu Beijue, you will think of the pain of your other son’s tragic death, so-”

She paused and said, “Mrs. Fu, go back to Australia, so that your heart will be at peace.”

Mrs Fu’s eyes were dumbfounded and wide open as she let the tears fall in a stream.

She laughed as she cried, “Ye Yunla, it’s all because of you, if it wasn’t for you, Nanchuan would never have returned to Haicheng …… If it wasn’t for you, my two sons wouldn’t have turned against each other so completely …… You demon woman, you give me back my sons ……”

She rushed over and grabbed Ye Yunla by the collar of her coat.

Ye Yunla frowned coldly.