HC Chapter 913

He was just about to stand up when the bodyguard behind him kicked him in the knee and dropped him hard to the ground.

“Ask you once more, do you want to live?” Fu Beijiu pulled the trigger of his pistol.

Jiang Ye’s eyes were crimson red: “Despicable! How could there be such a despicable person like you!”

Fu Beijiu laughed coldly.

He should have been meaner, he should have been more cruel, so that LaLa wouldn’t have suffered so much.

He raised his hand and released an empty bullet, frowning impatiently, “You have ten more seconds to think about it, it’s overdue.”

Jiang Ye clenched his cheeks.

He could die without fear, but his woman and child …… How innocent …… They didn’t even know he was in this business ……

He closed his eyes in despair, “Say, what do you want me to do.”

“The names of all Fu Nanchuan’s men in Haicheng, you make a list and give it to me, as long as the list is complete, your wife and children can continue to live ordinary lives.”

Jiang Ye lowered his head in silence.

Once this list was handed over, then more than a hundred of his brothers would die.

Over a hundred brothers or his wife and children, which was more important?

Jiang Ye gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t remember the list either, can you give me some time?”

Fu Beijue hooked his lips and smiled, “Of course you can, until then, hand over the bio-chip manipulator Fu Nanchuan gave you.”

In this instant, Jiang Ye finally understood what Fu Beiji was doing by going to such great lengths.

He was the one taking care of the biochip company, and he understood the twists and turns in between better than anyone.

He spoke: “Only by destroying the database will the biochip be truly destroyed, but the database of Xiu Luo Company is only known to the boss alone. Now that the boss is dead, then the biochip will exist in Ye Yunla’s body for the rest of her life.”

“Destroying all the manipulators is the same thing.” Fu Beijiu said in a faint voice, “Where?”

Jiang Ye moved his finger, “The ring on my right hand is it.”

Manipulators could be made into all sorts of things, earrings, rings, necklaces, gla*ses …… anything.

Fu Beijiu took the ring off and violently dismantled it, and inside was indeed a transistor circuit.

He said coldly, “Three days, everyone’s list to me.”

He waved his hand and had Jiang Ye dragged off.

In the villa, Ye Yunla hugged Little Yinyin and coaxed her gently, “The doctor said it’s fine, it’s just a small bag, it will go away tomorrow, don’t cry, okay?”

Little Yinyin grabbed Ye Yunla’s clothes and said aggressively, “Mommy, I’m not afraid of the pain, I’m just afraid you’ll never talk to me again ……”

“Mummy ……” Fu Ziling came over, “Stay with us more, okay, I haven’t eaten with mommy for half a month.”

Ye Yunla smiled and nodded, “Good, let’s dine together tonight.”

Fu Ziyan’s dark eyes lit up with a light, “Mummy, are you telling the truth?”

“Of course, when have I ever lied to you guys?” Ye Yunla smiled and pulled Ye Jingzhan over as well, “Jing’er, I’m sorry, Mommy shouldn’t have asked you to move out of the Fu family, I take that back, can you forgive Mommy?”

Ye Jingzhan looked at Ye Yunla seriously and slowly asked, “Mummy, has that matter been resolved?”

Ye Yunla nodded, “Today Mummy will move back in and we will never be apart again.”

The four children snuggled up to Ye Yunla, and beyond the heartwarming scene, Mrs. Fu stood silently, her eyes red.

She had watched with her own eyes as Fu Nanchuan had taken LaLa away, but two hours later, it was Beijue who had returned with LaLa.

What about Nanchuan?

Where had he gone?

She wanted to ask, but didn’t dare.