HC Chapter 911

She gave Madam Fu a cold look and quickly followed Fu Nanchuan’s pace.

As soon as she walked into the courtyard, she smelled something different.

She swept her cold eyes and saw that there seemed to be quite a few people hiding behind those green plants ……

If she could sense all this, Fu Nanchuan naturally also noticed it.

He twisted Ye Yunla’s arm with his backhand, his voice sorrowful: “Did you let Fu Beijue come over?”

Ye Yunla pursed her lips.

She knew Fu Beijue would follow her, and that was the only thing she could rely on ……

She said in a light voice: “Now that I’m in your hands, what can he do? Get in the car and go.”

Her docile appearance gave Fu Nanchuan an illusion.

It was as if, this woman was really willing to leave everything behind and go wandering with him ……

But such an illusion completely dissipated when he saw the blood marks on her neck.

This woman, at all, was restless.

He roughly pushed her into the driver’s seat and ran his head down her body to make sure there was no knife before tying both of her hands up.

“Be good, I’ll let you go when we get to the plane.”

Fu Nanchuan got into the pa*senger seat and the car sped off.

Almost instantly, there was an extra sports car behind him, the bodyguard driving and Fu Beijue sitting in the pa*senger seat, a blackened gun in his hand.

“Outflank him on the left and force him onto the national highway.”

Duke Fu gave the order coldly.

The three or four cars behind them encircled together and occupied all the left turn, forcing Fu Nanchuan to get onto the national highway.

“D*mn it, let’s see how I play you to death!”

Fu Nanchuan smiled fiercely as his foot pushed the throttle to the bottom.

While he was racing, Ye Yunla’s hands, tied behind her back, had reached into the hem of her skirt.

She had five or six knives hidden on her body, two exposed by undressing when she entered, one thrown away when she committed suicide, and now one at the back of her hip and one at the base of her thigh …… Now that she had decided to do so, she would not allow herself to be put in a pa*sive situation.

She gripped the handle of the knife and gently cut the rope ……


The car was suddenly hit by the car behind her.

Ye Yunla struggled to steady her mind.

There were already fewer cars on this road, with four or five cars chasing in front and behind.

It was only a matter of time before Fu Beijue caught up with Fu Nanchuan, but with her in Fu Nanchuan’s hands, Fu Beijue would have to fall behind.

Ye Yunla’s eyes narrowed.

When the car turned a corner, she lunged forward, the knife in her right hand stabbed towards Fu Nanchuan’s neck aorta, her left hand turned the steering wheel and she hit the guardrail with a thud.

At the same time –


A bullet broke through the air, slicing through the gla*s car window and hitting Fu Nanchuan squarely in the left chest at his heart.

His ever-evil and sinister eyes jerked wide, then twisted his head to look at the woman sitting to his right.

The knife in Ye Yunla’s hand stabbed into his neck and blood flowed like water.

He had been shot in the chest and his black clothes were instantly stained with blood.

He slowly collapsed.

Those eyes, still looking sorrowfully at Ye Yunla.

“Yara! Yara!”

Fu Beijue knocked hard on the car window.

Ye Yunla’s hands and feet were cold as she pushed the car door open and threw herself headlong into Fu Beijue’s arms.

“Beijue, I’ve killed someone, I’ve killed someone ……”