HC Chapter 900

As far as Ye Yunla could remember, Jing’er had always been a good girl and had never cried since she was two years old.

But now, the well-behaved and understanding Jing’er was crying his last breath, tears rolling down his face.

Ye Yunla quickly walked over and knelt down in front of him, raising her hand to brush away the teardrops on his face.

“Jing’er, mummy is here, always with you, don’t cry, don’t cry ……”

She took the tiny child into her arms and patted him gently on the back.

“Mummy, Mummy ……”

Ye Jingzhan let out one cry after another, his emotions slowly calming down.

Ye Yunla led him to sit on the sofa and curved her lips gently, “Do you know what daddy asked you to come over for?”

Ye Jingzhan nodded and said in a muffled voice, “To help Mommy decipher the chip program in her body.”

Ye Yunla’s heart sighed.

Jing’er had indeed guessed it long ago, this child ……

Her hand gently rubbed his soft hair: “Are you sure?”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips, “I’ll do my best.”

Fu Beijue had already brought in the computer, as well as various electrical energy tools ……

Everything was ready.

Ye Yunla leaned back against the sofa, squinting slightly, her body relaxed to its best state.

Ye Jingzhan sat in his chair, his two little hands crackling on the keyboard, blue or white characters popping up on the black screen, and red dots flashing incessantly ……

Fu Beijiu held the earring manipulator in his hand, his eyebrows knitted ……

The time passed, the sky gradually darkened, the winter night’s bitter wind rolled through the window, cold and solemn silence.


With a final heavy thud, Ye Jingzhan finally stood up from in front of his computer.

“The original program cannot be destroyed.” He tensed his thin lips, “But I have modified the content of the program so that when the body secretes hormones, the instructions will not be triggered.”

Ye Yunla’s eyes shone brightly, “Jing’er, is what you said true?”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, “Because it is too far from the original database, I can only modify a few symbols, I should have another breakthrough after I research for a while.”

“Jing’er, you’re amazing!” Fu Beijue looked at him, full of admiration and praise, this son had not grown up under his nose, but was even better than he had imagined ……

“Jing’er, thank you.” Ye Yunla picked the little one up, “You’re really a savior for mommy.”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips in embarrassment, “It’s all what I should have done, so now-”

He hesitantly said, “Can Mummy and Daddy move back home now?”

The bright light in Ye Yunla’s eyes dimmed for a few moments.

The original program commands had been modified, but there were still temporary programs – that is, Fu Nanchuan could still issue commands to her whenever and wherever he wanted.

She pulled her lips into a smile, “Just wait a few more days, Daddy and Mommy will go back to reunite with you before New Year’s Eve.”

Fu Beijue nodded blandly, “I’ll have someone send you back first.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded his head.

He knew that this matter was tricky and could not be solved by modifying a few symbols.

But with daddy around, he believed that mummy would not have any problems.

Ye Jingzhan obediently followed the bodyguard back to the Fu family.

The villa quieted down, and Ye Yunla looked at Fu Beiji with two bright eyes, her voice slightly husky: “We can sleep together now.”

The knot in Fu Beijiu’s throat rolled heavily.

Without a word he stepped forward, picked up Ye Yunla in a horizontal embrace and walked quickly towards the room on the first floor.

His movements were a little hasty, a little rough, and he threw the woman heavily onto the big soft bed ……