HC Chapter 897

Ye Yunla looked at Zhuang Mingfeng and said in a light voice, “Didn’t I tell you to call me if you have any problems, you promised to be quick, but in the end you didn’t say anything.”

Zhuang Mingfeng’s eyebrows knitted together, “Sister, there is no need to call you for such a trivial matter, are you feeling better?”

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Ye Yunla hooked her lips and said, “There are still twelve days until the end of the examination period, you tense up, don’t drop the chain.”

Zhuang Mingfeng nodded his head vigorously.

On the surface it was a competition between Ye Yunla and Yue Yinghan for the position of heir, but in reality it was a struggle between him and Yue Yinghan.

If he lost, he and his father would never be able to hold up their heads in the Zhuang family for the rest of their lives.

“Don’t hide it when something happens in the future.” Fu Beijue spoke in a light voice, “I am your brother-in-law, you can contact me anytime.”

Zhuang Mingfeng nodded his head obediently, “Got it brother-in-law.”

During this period of time, every time he opened a video call with Ye Yunla, he could hear Fu Beiji’s voice in the background, sometimes Fu Beiji was cooking, sometimes he was drying clothes, and sometimes he was sweeping the floor …… It was really hard for him to imagine how a man like his brother-in-law could do all these things at home.

But it also convinced him that those news on the internet were indeed rumors, and unpleasant ones at that.

After going around the project site, Ye Yunla and Fu Beijue made another trip to Fu’s.

Fu Beiji stuffed all the documents that had accumulated over the past few days into the trunk of the car, and the two of them drove home.

After going out for a walk, Ye Yunla’s spirits were much better.

Fu Beiji took the documents to his study to read them over, while she took a book and sat in the living room to read them over.

After reading only a few lines, a familiar voice appeared in her mind.

Ye Yunla’s whole body tensed up and she returned to her room with difficulty, step by step, and gently closed the door behind her.

She finally believed that Fu Nanchuan had not lied to her, there were indeed many, many more manipulators similar to the earrings ……

“Lara, you slashed my neck, in return, you give Fu Beijue a slash as well.”

Fu Nanchuan’s voice rang out in her mind over and over again.

By sheer will, Ye Yunla tied her hands behind her back and resisted to her death ……

“You’re willing to do it to me, how come you’re not willing to do it to Fu Beijue, go on LaLa, go on ……”

“LaLa, just one cut, just one cut and you won’t be in so much pain ……”

Compelling voices, attacking the defences Ye Yunla had built up again and again ……

The back of her head hurt so much that the whole thing felt like it was being torn in half.

Half screaming to rush over and complete the command, half restraining herself and preferring to die in the bedroom ……


Ye Yunla cried out in pain as her body tumbled off the bed.

But no matter how painful it was, her hands didn’t break free of the ropes ……

No matter what, she would not hurt Fu Beijiu!

As long as she was still conscious, she would never hurt the man who loved her the most!

It hurts!

Tearing pain!

All the bones in her body were fighting!

Ye Yunla rolled on the floor, her body hitting the table, the gla*s smashing down with a crash.

“Yara, what’s wrong?”

Fu Beijue barged in as he pushed open the door.

When he saw Ye Yunla rolling on the floor with a painful face, his face suddenly changed.