HC Chapter 896

Zhuang Mingfeng’s eyes floated with anger.

Who was in the way of this project, I knew with my toes that it must be my aunt again.

He really did not understand why his aunt had to find trouble for him again and again ……

Before, she picked on Manager Gao and Manager Wen, then she poached their project manager, and today she bribed these people to force a stoppage of work ……

The chances of winning the petrochemical project are obviously 80%, why does aunt still have to do this to death?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Just as he took a step, he saw two people slowly walking in the rest area, his eyes widened in shock: “Sister, why are you here?”

Ye Yunla hooked her lips and smiled, “If I don’t come, how will I know that some people’s hands can stretch so far?”

Her gaze swept towards the big-bellied leader, the sharp light in her eyes made the leader not dare to look directly at him, and she vaguely inclined her head.

However, as soon as she inclined her head, she met another even sharper glint of eyes.

The corner of Fu Beijue’s mouth curled up into a smile if there was one: “Minister Wu, we meet again.”

This pot-bellied man was the minister of a certain department of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, who had long roamed the major construction sites and had dealt with Fu Beijue before.

As soon as he saw the look in Fu Beijiu’s eyes, he felt as if he was enveloped in death ……

The scar on the man’s face had gradually recovered, the shrugged brow bones had the fallen and domineering look of a man, and the hawk-like eyes had a sharp light that was like two cold knives.

“Fu, Mr. Fu.” Minister Wu shivered, “It’s really lucky to see Mr. Fu here, how are you.”

He walked over and tried to shake hands with Fu Beijiu.

Fu Beiji glanced at him coldly, “I just heard you say that there was a problem with this project and that it had to be stopped, what exactly was the problem?”

Cold sweat oozed from Minister Wu’s head, “Oh, Mr. Fu is still concerned about such trivial matters?”

“Why don’t I call some reporters over?” Fu Beijiu hooked his lips, “What Minister Wu has to say in public, so that some people don’t talk about Minister Wu taking bribes behind his back.”

Minister Wu’s face was instantly pale.

The Fu family almost had a hand in Hai Cheng, and he, a small minister, was like an ant in front of the Fu family.

If Fu Beijiu called the reporters, these reporters would definitely screw him to death ……

“Fu, Mr. Fu ……” Minister Wu smiled dryly, “Let’s just talk about what’s going on in private, don’t make such a big show.”

“It is about my wife, indeed it would be better to talk in private.”

Fu Beijue nodded very good-naturedly.

Minister Wu, however, froze.


Duke Fu Beiji’s wife?

Weren’t these two divorced!

Zhuang Yuan had told him herself that Ye Yunla and Fu Beijue were divorced and had no backing, which was why he dared to come over and order a halt to work!

But now –

Minister Wu was sweating like rain, and it was only at this moment that he understood why Fu Beijiu had appeared at this construction site.

He hurriedly said: “Mr. Fu, this is a misunderstanding, the work stoppage and all that is just a little joke I made, hehehe …… Manager Gao, Manager Wen, there is no problem with this project, you guys continue with the construction, if you need any help, just give me a call!”

Minister Wu’s attitude instantly changed one hundred and eighty degrees.

Manager Gao Tu and Manager Wen were simply dumbfounded.

They knew that the Fu Group’s signboard was big, and they also knew that the Fu name was very good, but they didn’t know that it was so good that it was used to this extent.

Ye Yunla curled her lips and smiled, “Thank you for Minister Wu’s accommodation, I will definitely treat Minister Wu to dinner when the project is completed.”

Minister Wu smiled dryly and left with a large group of people.