HC Chapter 895

He didn’t want to torture her like this anymore ……

Fu Beijiu was just about to let go when Ye Yunla wrapped herself around him.

Her body and mind split into two, one screaming to push him away, the other desperate to pester him ……

The moonlight was bright and the night faded like water ……

When Ye Yunla got up in the morning, there was still visible fatigue between her brows.

Fu Beijue hugged her and whispered, “What do you want for breakfast, I’ll go make it.”

Ye Yunla nestled in his arms, her voice a little hoarse: “I didn’t appear abnormal last night, I don’t think?”

Fu Beijue kissed her on the lips, “Yara, you’re amazing, you won the biochip program, you’re my pride.”

“Is that so?” Ye Yunla curled her lips into a smile, “So we can sleep together from now on?”

Fu Beijue tensed his lips.

Even though Yara had won last night, that process had been too painful and he didn’t want to see it again.

“Sleeping together is fine, but not anymore ……” He paused and said, “Sleep well and don’t hook me again.”

Ye Yunla nestled contentedly in the man’s arms.

As long as she was with him, Fu Nanchuan would not go out of his way, and that was enough.

After breakfast, Ye Yunla changed her clothes and went downstairs, “I haven’t gone out for half a month, I have to go to the project site to make my rounds.”

Zhuang Mingfeng reported the good news but not the bad every day, she had to go there herself to know the real situation of the project.

Fu Beijue nodded, “I’ll go with you.”

He took the car keys and drove the car out, then opened the door on the pa*senger seat.

After Ye Yunla sat on it, he bent down again and carefully helped her put on her seat belt.

The car drove smoothly towards the resort project, the two places were not far apart and it took less than ten minutes of driving to reach the destination.

Half a month ago, when the ice and snow had covered the area and the construction site had stopped, the infrastructure on the sea was now half built and looked spectacular.

Ye Yunla and Fu Beijue walked into the temporary office: “Where is your manager Gao?”

Who didn’t know Ye Yunla, the number one beauty in Hai Cheng?

The receptionist lady respectfully shouted out to Mr. Ye before saying, “Manager Gao and Manager Wen are inside having a meeting with someone.”

Ye Yunla keenly sensed that something was wrong, she asked indifferently, “Where is Zhuang Mingfeng?”

“Young Zhuang went out on an errand and hasn’t returned yet.”

Ye Yunla sat down in the side lounge area, “Then I’ll wait for them to finish.”

Fu Beijue also sat down smoothly and poured her a cup of warm water.

The two of them had just sat down in the rest area when the people in the meeting inside dispersed.

A few fat-headed, leader-like people walked in front, followed by Gao Tu and Manager Wen, who kept talking: “…… This project can’t be stopped, the damage is huge …… We have all the permits we should have, and there are approval documents on the government side ……”

“There is no room for negotiation in this matter!” The big-bellied leader said in a cold voice, “You have discharged the construction wastewater into the sea, which has seriously affected the surrounding environment, halting the work for half a month is considered to be very much giving face to your Zhuang Group.”

Gao Tu was sweating furiously.

Normally, a half-month suspension of a project would be a big deal, not to mention that this project was still in the a*sessment period.

With a half month stoppage, they would just throw up their hands and surrender, what else could they do to run for the heirship ……

Just then, Zhuang Mingfeng hurriedly walked in from outside, holding a thick stack of documents in his hand, his face coldly saying, “The water quality of the sea within one kilometre of the project has been tested and meets the standards of the Environmental Protection a*sociation, using this reason to punish our project for stopping work is simply untenable.”

The big-bellied leader took the stack of documents over and tore them in half directly, his voice lowered to the lowest level: “To tell you the truth, this project of yours is in the way of others, and the above ordered whatever reason can be used, as long as it can stop work for half a month ……”