HC Chapter 894

Ye Yunla got up with sluggish movements and slowly walked over to close the balcony window.

She walked to the bathroom and turned on the light, looking at herself in the mirror, her white face spattered with blood and her snow-white camisole stained red.

Her eyes were red, her hair was messy, and her whole body looked like an evil spirit that had crawled out of hell.

How had she become like this ……

She looked down and washed her face with the cold water, and her whole body sobered up a little bit this time.

She went back to the bedroom and changed the bed sheets and covers before taking out the basalt gold earrings and studying them carefully.

This earring was exactly the same as the one sent over before, and the command program inside was not too different ……

Ye Yunla leaned against the bed, unable to sleep.

Fu Nanchuan was a demon, and tonight would never be the last time.

And she had hurt him, and he would definitely retaliate even harder ……

She got up and got out of bed and walked to the door of the next bedroom.

It was already two in the morning and a small night light was lit under the villa, the emotions in Ye Yunla’s eyes were unreadable in the dim light.

She walked around the doorway of Fu Beijiu’s room, and after a long time, she finally took hold of the door handle and pushed the door open to walk in.

Almost at the same time as she entered, the man on the bed sat up.

Fu Beijue’s acumen was not something that could be matched by ordinary people, his hand had just touched the weapon under the pillow when his eyes took in who the person walking in was.

“Lara, what brings you over here?”

He got up and got out of bed, hugging Ye Yunla hard into his arms.

With this hug, he was startled again, “Why is your body so cold?”

Ye Yunla shook her head and nestled in his arms to draw warmth.

She had broken out in a cold sweat and washed her face with cold water, but even the heat could not dispel the chill in her body.

She hooked her arms around Duke Fu’s neck, stood on tiptoe and kissed him.

Fu Beiji subconsciously tried to hide.

Ye Yunla cupped his face, her voice hoarse and dry: “Beijue, I want to ……”

A single word broke down the defenses that Fu Beijue had been defending to death.

He wrapped his arms around Ye Yunla’s waist and met her with a deep kiss, the two of them panting from the kiss and collapsed onto the soft bed together.

Fu Beijiu hugged Ye Yunla and said softly, “LaLa, you can’t go on, I’m afraid you’ll …… get sick again.”

“No, I’m not afraid ……”

Ye Yunla kissed his thin lips, her voice confused.

“Beijue, I want, I want you ……”

Only the close fit of her body could dispel her fear, she didn’t want to care about any consequences ……

Fu Beijue catered to her.

The two had been separated under the same roof for more than half a month, and some of the love and lust that had opened the floodgates was as overwhelming as a flood.

The moment their bodies were tightly joined, Ye Yunla’s entire body stiffened.

Her body and brain were controlled by the chip, but her voice still belonged to her: “Honey, don’t stop, continue …… I can do it ……”

Fu Beijue held her tightly, but his one eye was fixed on the change in her expression.

His Lara was clearly restraining herself, clearly trying to fight the voice in her head ……