HC Chapter 890

Ye Yunla was full of thoughts, but she still forced a smile and went into the kitchen with Fu Beijue to prepare the dishes.

As she washed the tomatoes, she said, “Beijue, how is Fu Nanchuan doing these days?”

Fu Beiji lowered his head to cut vegetables and said in a light voice: “He was locked up in the basement, but he has been quite honest lately, not making all kinds of demands.”

During the time when he was first locked up, Fu Nanchuan always made all sorts of strange demands and then took the opportunity to escape, but every time he was caught out.

Perhaps because he knew he couldn’t escape, Fu Nanchuan had stopped and had been staying honestly lately.

Ye Yunla’s hand paused for a moment.

It seemed that Fu Beijiu did not know about Fu Nanchuan’s escape.

She lowered her eyes slightly and slowly said, “Beijue, I want to speak to Fu Nanchuan.”

Duke Fu stopped what he was doing and his dark gaze fell on her, “Lara, Fu Nanchuan isn’t that easy to deal with, he won’t tell you.”

The matter of the chip database, no matter how much he tried to bully him, Fu Nanchuan had not confessed.

He didn’t really like the idea of Lara and Fu Nanchuan coming into contact ……

“Honey, what are you worried about ……” Ye Yunla wiped her hands and walked over, wrapped her arms around his neck and pouted, “I love you, I love only you, do you distrust me that much in your heart? I spoke to Fu Nanchuan because I wanted to sidetrack him and ask him about cracking the chip code, maybe he’ll tell me once his heart is soft?”

Fu Beijiu stroked her hair and said softly, “Okay, I’ll contact Blake first.”

“There’s no rush for this moment, let’s talk after dinner.”

Ye Yunla continued to wash the tomatoes, and Fu Beijue shook his head with a lost smile as the two of them made two dishes and a soup together.

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, stir-fried meat with chillies, seaweed and pork ribs soup, two bowls of white rice, very simple dishes, the most cozy dinner.

After eating, Fu Beijiu went to wash the dishes.

After finishing these chores, he then called to contact Blake.

When he spoke to Blake, his face was cold, his eyes were sharp, his voice was deep and slow, and he had the aura of a superior man.

Who would have thought that such a man would just be washing dishes in the kitchen?

Ye Yunla looked at him with her hand propped up on her chin, a sigh after a sigh in her heart.

When they knew that Fu Nanchuan was gone, the warmth between them would be gone ……

The biochip in her body was tricky, but at least there was a way to break it, but Fu Nanchuan ……

Ye Yunla smiled bitterly, even if Fu Nanchuan was once again arrested and locked up in the dungeon with strengthened defenses, the man would still escape.

Fu Nanchuan was too scheming, and Fu Beijue, a decent man, was simply no match.

Unless, of course, Fu Nanchuan is killed ……

As soon as this thought surfaced from Ye Yunla’s mind, she herself was first startled.

When did she become so cruel and cold-blooded, to think of killing to silence ……

She shook her head and banished this bizarre thought from her mind.

And at that moment, Fu Beijue’s face had sunk.

“What did you say …… The person in the basement wasn’t Fu Nanchuan?”

“Fu Nanchuan was replaced?”

“You only found out after three days of replacement?”

The incessant questioning, one after another, was proof enough of how furious Fu Beijiu was.

“Check the surveillance! One by one! I must find Fu Nanchuan’s whereabouts!”