HC Chapter 888

Ye Yunla took the phone into her study and turned her laptop on.

Although the news about Zhuang’s group had been suppressed, there were still quite a few people breaking the news online, and several posts were very hot.

In order to make the revenue figures look good, Zhuang Yuan ordered workers to work overtime overnight, the longest working hours were close to sixteen hours, a large number of workers fainted on the construction site, the most serious one almost died of shock and is still in the intensive care unit ……

Ye Yunla quickly browsed through the news and spoke with a serious face, “Mingfeng, we work two shifts on the construction site, eight hours per shift, you have to keep an eye on this personally ……”

Whatever she said, Zhuang Mingfeng took careful note of it.

After the phone call, Ye Yunla’s expression was somewhat grave, according to Zhuang Yuan’s way of doing things, the petrochemical project would most likely make great benefits within a month ……

The project of the resort is naturally no problem, but the starting line has lost a cut, the back of the best efforts to catch up can only maintain flush, want to surpa*s is not so easy.

Now the a*sessment period is half over, with more than ten days to go.

Ye Yunla was thinking when she suddenly felt a cold wind blowing in outside her window ……

The floor-to-ceiling window in the master bedroom had been repaired, but changed to a balcony plus window sliding doors, and the lock on the window had been locked and never opened.

She looked up carelessly and saw the window sliding door being pushed open and a black figure slowly walking in ……

Ye Yunla’s eyes jerked wide as she abruptly rose and seized the path.

“Stand still.”

A cold, evil and hostile voice rang out.

Ye Yunla’s entire body was frozen in place, her two legs wanted to move, but her brain ordered her not to.

She stood stiffly in a strange posture, only a few steps away from the door.

The black figure walked towards her step by step: “Ye Yunla, you are surprised, you didn’t expect me to appear here, did you?”

Ye Yunla’s cold eyes looked at him and said word by word: “Fu Nanchuan, this is Hai Cheng, it’s Fu Beijue’s territory, try to touch me if you dare.”

The person who appeared in the bedroom was none other than Fu Nanchuan.

He was dressed in a black cloak that covered his figure, and a black duck-tongue hat was on his head, covering most of his cold face.

Only the sharp and cold thin lips could be clearly seen, the corners of those lips, hooked with ridicule and deep coldness.

“Do you think I have the need to do it myself?”

Fu Nanchuan sneered and took out a xuan-gold earring from his pocket.

Ye Yunla’s eyes narrowed abruptly.

They should have thought that the earrings should be a pair …… The one that was sent over, and a ……

“Lie down on the bed.”

Fu Nanchuan pressed the small button on the earrings and spoke softly.

The words reached Ye Yunla’s eardrums through the air, and at the same time, the same voice resounded in her head, transmitted by the biochip ……

She clenched the back slot of her teeth and controlled herself with difficulty not to move.

“Ye Yunla, it’s useless, no matter how much you resist my orders, there’s no point.” Fu Nanchuan stepped in towards her, “The bio-chip has been integrated into your body, as long as I have the controller, then you will have to obey my orders unconditionally.”

He brushed his hand through her hair, “Be good, lie down on the bed.”

His voice rang out over and over in Ye Yunla’s mind, gradually turning into a buzzing echo as her consciousness festered a little.

Her two legs slowly stepped apart and she took one step towards the big bed in the bedroom.

She dutifully took off her shoes and lay down on the bed.

“Wouldn’t it have been nice to be so good earlier?”