HC Chapter 883

Fu Beijiu said in a light voice: “Your mommy is very busy and really doesn’t have time for you, Jing’er, I’ll send you something later, you can study it to see if you can crack it.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded: “Okay daddy.”

Hanging up the phone, Fu Beijue sent Ye Jingzhan the release instruction program that Ye Yunla had extracted.

He had worked with Ye Jingzhan before and knew exactly how unbelievable this son’s hacking skills were ……

While Yara’s talent was mainly in the area of writing programs, Jing’er had an undeniable talent for cracking information systems ……

The Fu family.

An email came in on Ye Jingzhan’s phone.

Fu Ziyan padded over to it, “What did Daddy send you?”

Ye Jingzhan nodded the email, his eyebrows knitted tightly: “It’s a program code, daddy told me to try to crack it.”

He took his phone upstairs and took his laptop out from under his bed, sitting on the carpet with it in his arms.

Fu Ziyan stood right behind him, his eyes locked on his operation.

The crackling of the keyboard rang out, and as the program cracked forward, Ye Jingzhan’s small face gradually froze.

Only after half an hour did he finally stop.

Fu Ziyan asked him, “What program is this, did you succeed in cracking it?”

Ye Jingzhan shook his head, “The original server is too far away from Haicheng, the attack command can’t be sent through.”

He paused and continued, “If I’m right, this should be some kind of bio-chip that can control a person’s brain.”

“Why would daddy want you to crack something like that?” Fu Ziyan frowned, “After we returned home from H-land last time, didn’t Daddy say that we weren’t allowed to touch these anymore?”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his pink lips.

There was a vague suspicion in his mind, but he was not sure.

…… It was really too unbelievable.

But if this guess was wrong, then how could one explain Mommy moving out and how could one explain why Daddy had suddenly asked him to decipher this procedure that was against the morals?

“I’ll ask daddy.”

Ye Jingzhan took out his mobile phone and dialed Fu Beijue.

Fu Beiji was still cooking, a very simple two dishes and one soup, which he made with great care and was extraordinarily time consuming.

He was stirring the eggs when his phone vibrated on the cupboard.

He wiped his hands and put the call through.

“Daddy, this program is a bit difficult to crack.” Ye Jingzhan’s voice came from the other end of the phone, “This is the program for the human bio-intelligence chip, can I ask daddy why he wants me to crack this?”

Fu Beijue’s jaw tensed slightly as he said in a clear voice, “I have a subordinate who has been implanted with a biochip by the Grand Elder.”

Ye Jingzhan’s eyes narrowed, “Okay, I know, I’ll think of a way to decrypt it.”

When he hung up the phone, his dark eyes became even more like ink, like a bottle of ink had been poured over them, so dark that he couldn’t see his emotions.

Fu Ziyan stared at him and said, “Jing’er, what are you thinking about?”

Ye Jingzhan didn’t say anything, just pursed his thin lips and opened his computer without saying a word.

He browsed around the black online forum and his face became even heavier.

He looked at Fu Ziyan and said in a slow voice, “Big brother, some of the well-known hacking experts on Blacknet have been heavily hired by daddy to come to Haicheng, and people on Blacknet are speculating about what’s going on.”