HC Chapter 879

Obviously this little bitch has two extra scars on her face, what makes her still so beautiful ……

“Grandfather, father, aunt.”

Ye Yunla had a smile on her lips as she greeted everyone present.

Zhuang Mingfeng opened his mouth and called out, “Sister.”

“Even a bastard daughter of mine knows to greet elders and relatives older than herself after meeting them, how come cousin doesn’t seem to know this etiquette?” Ye Yunla curled her lips and smiled lightly, “Cousin sister has aunt, her own mother, to personally teach her, and she is so impolite, if she grew up alone like me, there is no telling what she would become.”

Zhuang Yuan’s eyebrows went cold with anger.

What she had just said, this little bitch had actually returned it intact.

That is to say, after Ye Yunla arrived at Zhuang’s house, she stood outside the door for a while before entering.

What a deep-hearted bitch!

“Don’t be angry, aunt.” Ye Yunla smiled, “Cousin sister is my own cousin even if she doesn’t know how to behave, I will teach cousin sister to pay more attention to this aspect of etiquette in the future.”

“Who asked you to teach, you are an illegitimate daughter, what qualifications do you have to teach me?” Yue Ying Han exploded instantly.

“Han’er, call cousin.” Elder Zhuang said coldly, “You are the eldest miss of the Yue family, the cousin of the Zhuang family, this point of etiquette is not understood?”

Yue Ying Han’s internal organs exploded with anger.

She didn’t know how to behave, she just didn’t want to greet this bitch Ye Yunla!

But grandpa had given the word, so she had no choice but to obey.

Yue Ying Han reluctantly shouted out to her cousin.

Ye Yunla hooked her lips and smiled, “So can we get down to business now?”

Yue Yinghan instantly came to battle as she sneered, “Cousin, why don’t you first explain where the money for the resort project came from?”

Ye Yunla narrowed her eyes, “Why do I need to explain this matter to you?”

“It’s not to explain to Han’er, it’s to explain to the old man.” Zhuang Yuan spoke in a light voice, “There is a sum of two billion in the resort’s accounts, one billion of which was allocated by the company’s finance department, the company needs an explanation as to how the other one billion came about.”

Ye Yunla’s eyes flashed.

The call for her to come over was for this matter?

Because the project had not yet been handed over to the company for operation, the investment in the project had not been reported for the time being, but even if it had not been reported, it was not a big deal, was it worth making such a fuss over such a small matter?

“Sister, it’s that the petrochemical project’s account is suddenly missing one billion, and Auntie suspects that it’s been diverted by us.” Zhuang Mingfeng lowered his voice and said.

Ye Yunla suddenly smiled.

She hooked her lips and her eyes flowed, “Auntie, your project’s public accounts were diverted, you should be looking for your people to pursue the blame, how come you found me?”

“We were transferred a billion, and you have an extra is a billion, who are you looking for if not you?” Yue Ying Han gritted her teeth, “Private transfers of public accounts are against the law, if you don’t want to go to court then spit out the one billion.”

Ye Yunla looked at Elder Zhuang, “Grandpa, do you also suspect that I did it?”

Master Zhuang said in a light voice: “The company is already pursuing this matter internally, but there are no results yet. If you can produce evidence to prove that you had nothing to do with this matter, it would naturally be best.”

Ye Yunla looked at Zhuang Shen: “What about you, do you think this matter is related to me?”

“Yara, of course I believe you.” Zhuang Shen said firmly, “I know what kind of person you are, there is no way you would do such a thing.”