HC Chapter 873

Little Yinyin was on the verge of tears, “Is Mommy never going to like me again, woo woo ……”

Ye Jingzhan hurriedly hugged his sister into his arms, “Mommy is not angry, she should suddenly have something to take care of.”

“The matter of Zhuang’s group’s succession campaign is very important to mommy.” Fu Ziyan spoke in a light voice, “Mummy must have a reason for moving out, so Fu Zi Ling, you should stop messing around.”

Fu Ziling twisted his fingers, torn and reluctant: “Okay, I know I’m wrong, I’m going to apologise to Mummy.”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips, “Let mummy calm down first.”

“Your daddy and mommy are just moving to live near the project site, it’s not like they’re going to another city and country, if you miss daddy and mommy, grandma can send you there anytime, it’s not a big deal.” Mrs. Fu smiled and said, “Little Ling Ling, stop crying, you’re causing your sister to cry with you, wipe your tears.”

Fu Ziling nodded and wiped her tears haphazardly.

Little Yinyin’s emotions also gradually calmed down.

After about twenty minutes, the door to the master bedroom on the first floor was pulled open and Ye Yunla stood by the railing, “Didn’t we agree to help me pack my bags, why aren’t you guys up here?”

Fu Ziling stomped upstairs and said cautiously, “Mummy, you’re not angry anymore?”

“When am I angry, I’m just joking with you guys.” Ye Yunla smiled, “Your eyes are all red, did you just cry, you’re a man, you can’t cry anymore, okay?”

Fu Ziling nodded vigorously, “Yes, I will! After mommy and daddy move out, I will definitely protect my sister!”

“Good, then I’ll give you a reward when mummy moves back.”

Ye Yunla smiled easily and led the four children into the master bedroom.

Ye Jingzhan’s nose twitched and his brows knitted, “Why do I seem to smell blood?”

Fu Ziyan also wrinkled his brows, “It is the smell of blood.”

Fu Beijiu put his suit jacket on, his left arm hanging slightly, obviously something different, but the children didn’t notice.

He spoke in a light voice: “The chef is killing the fish, it’s the smell of the fish’s blood that’s being blown up by the wind.”

With this explanation, the children did not take it seriously.

Ye Yunla took her suitcase out and said with a smile, “Little Yan Yan, you help me choose some coats, both coats and down coats. Little Ling Ling, you go and help me sort out my high heels, five or six pairs will be enough. Jing’er, you help me pick out some dresses, I may have to attend a celebration party then. Little Yinyin, how about you, just help mummy sort out the make-up supplies ……”

Ye Yunla quickly a*signed jobs to all the several children, then she started to help Fu Beijiu pack his clothes.

“Mummy is so excessive.” Fu Zi Ling grunted, “We help Mommy pack, Mommy helps Daddy pack, and Daddy doesn’t have to do anything while he sits. Mummy really does love daddy the most, we few are just an accident.”

The corners of Lord Fu Bei’s lips curled up slightly as he smiled softly, “You are indeed an accident, and the most wonderful accident.”

Without these children, he and LaLa would have been two parallel lines that would never have intersected ……

The luggage was quickly packed, and the twilight outside was sinking.

Even though Fu Ziling had convinced himself to accept this, he was still a little reluctant: “Mommy, can’t we move out in the morning?”

Ye Yunla bent down and said gently, “There are still a few people in charge waiting for me to go to a meeting, so I have to leave today.”

She looked at Fu Ziyan, “You’re the older brother, you must help Grandma take care of your siblings, and remember to call your daddy if anything happens.”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips, “Can’t you call mummy?”

“There’s too much going on over at Zhuang’s, I might be in meetings all the time, you guys just contact daddy, daddy will pa*s it on to me.”

Ye Yunla barked and barked, before she and Fu Beijue dragged their suitcases out of Fu’s villa.