HC Chapter 871

He glanced at the caller ID, it was a call from Blake, his eyes narrowed as he put the phone through.

“Boss, half an hour ago Fu Nanchuan managed to escape, but has been captured by us.”

Fu Beijiu’s eyes glowed: “Keep an eye on him, don’t give him any chance of escaping!”

“Boss, don’t worry, I’ve allocated ten more men to guard the basement, he won’t be able to escape even if he has uncanny skills.”

After hanging up the phone, Fu Beijiu’s brow was still tightly furrowed.

Ye Yunla’s hand stroked his brow and said softly, “Beijue, it’s okay, everything will be solved ……”

Fu Beijue patted her back and said in a low, soft voice, “Then let’s go home first, the children’s side needs an excuse too.”

The two of them discussed how to convince the children on the road, and the car slowly arrived at the entrance of the Fu family villa.

The children had already returned and were talking to Mrs. Fu in the living room.

When they saw Ye Yunla and Fu Beijiu walk in side by side, several children immediately gathered around them.

Fu Ziling chattered, “Mummy, shouldn’t you be at home getting some rest, why are you out again?”

Little Yinyin cocked her head and said, “Daddy, you promised us that you would take care of Mummy, you didn’t keep your word.”

“Mommy, why did you go out in your pajamas?” Ye Jingzhan asked with a frown.

Fu Ziyan’s brow also furrowed, “And there are slippers on your feet.”

The slippers, were shoes from the trunk of the car, which Fu Beijue had found and given to Ye Yunla to put on temporarily.

She laughed and said, “Your daddy went for a walk with me and didn’t go far, so he went out in his pajamas and slippers.

Mrs. Fu, who was sitting on the sofa, frowned.

Two hours ago, LaLa and BeiJue had suddenly argued in the bedroom, followed by LaLa driving away in anger, and BeiJue had immediately chased after her.

For a moment, she thought it was Fu Nanchuan who had returned.

Because, it was only when Fu Nanchuan was around that LaLa’s emotions would suddenly get out of control ……

However, when she saw Fu Beijiu walk in, Mrs. Fu knew that she had overthought it, was it because she was too hung up on Nanchuan during this period of time ……



The first time I heard the word “mum,” she was a bit stunned.

Ever since Beijue had returned from abroad, he had never called her mother again, even Lara, he only called her Madam ……

She suppressed the complicated emotions in her heart and spoke, “Bei Jue, just say what you have to say, I’m listening.”

“Lara and I are planning to move out for a month.” Fu Beijue spoke in a light voice, “The children will have to trouble Mum to look after them for a while.”

Mrs. Fu froze violently, her lips trembling a little: “Beijue, if …… If you don’t want to see me, I can move out, no need for this ……”

“Mom, that’s not what we meant.” Ye Yunla curled her lips and spoke, “I’m recently running for the heir of the Zhuang Group, there’s something wrong with the project of the resort, I have to go and live near the project site, Beijue is not at ease, he has to go with me.”