HC Chapter 870

The cold wind blew past the car window, rolling up the remnants of leaves.

Ye Yunla’s eyes were slightly downcast, her voice calm and low: “Every time we were closest, a mechanical woman’s voice would appear in my head, the first time, that voice told me to jump off the stairs, and later, whenever I was near you, that voice told me to leave you, or to say something that was out of my mouth ……”

Her fingers tugged haphazardly at the strands of hair on her forehead, “I had no way to resist the voice’s commands, I had to do as I was told, or else …… My head would hurt, hurt …… It’s the kind of pain that I hate to get rid of ……”

“LaLa, LaLa ……”

Fu Beijue didn’t know what to say as he wrapped his arms around Ye Yunla hard, transferring the strength from his body to hers.

He couldn’t feel her pain, but seeing her like this, his heart felt like someone had stabbed him, the sharp blade flipping and twisting viciously in the softest part of him, almost suffocating with the pain.

How good it would be if he was the one who had been implanted with the chip ……

He would rather suffer a thousand times more pain himself than to see LaLa live like this ……

“Beijue, the instructions for the chip in my body could be to keep me away from the people I love the most ……” Ye Yunla raised her eyes to look at him, a cold light surfacing in her clear cold eyes, “The better you treat me, the more you love me, the more the instruction will be triggered ……”

“Impossible!” Fu Beijiu held her tightly, “The current intelligent technology has not yet developed to the point where it can control human emotions ……”

“When I feel love, my body will secrete a substance, and when the chip senses this substance, it will suddenly issue a command.” Ye Yunla smiled bitterly, “Never underestimate the current intelligent technology, especially these black technologies, which are far more terrifying than we can imagine ……”

For the sake of profit, to squeeze value out of people, those capitalists are so unscrupulous.

“I will find a way to destroy the chip, Lara, don’t worry, I will find a way ……”

Fu Beijiu said in a low voice.

“Of course I know there will be a way, there are loopholes in any program, if you find them you can gain relief.” Ye Yunla curled her lips easily, “But for now, I must stay away from you, from the children …… I’m really afraid that one day I might hurt you all ……”

Especially if you speak out of turn and use love as a weapon without your knowledge ……

Fu Beijue is an adult, maybe he can withstand a few attacks from her, but several children are still so young, one abnormality from her is enough to make the children cry in pain, and maybe bring a huge shadow to their young minds ……

“Beijue, I want to move out and live alone.”

“No!” Fu Beijue refused without even thinking, he slowed down and said, “I’ll move out with you.”

Ye Yunla’s hand brushed past the wound on his chest, “Beijue, if you live with me, sooner or later I will bite you all over your body ……”

The deep teeth marks were all her doing.

And she had no memory of it.

“LaLa, I like it when you bite me.” Fu Beijiu’s voice was gentle, “Let me live with you, let me keep you company, okay?”

The man’s voice was as gentle as water, wrapping around her like warm air, causing Ye Yunla to develop an infinite attachment.

She couldn’t let go of him either, she really couldn’t ……

She leaned into the man’s arms and whispered, “Then you can move out with me, but you can’t live in the same room.”

Leaving the one you love is the only way to reduce the number of times the chip command is triggered.


The phone suddenly vibrated violently.

Fu Beijue gently stroked the woman’s hair and said, “Lara, calm down for a moment, I’ll take a call.”