HC Chapter 851

The fat man had a steel pipe in his hand and his whole body rushed towards Ye Yunla.

Zhuang Mingfeng didn’t know what he was going to do and immediately rushed over to stop Ye Yunla in front of him.

The fat man didn’t care so much, he raised his hand and pushed Zhuang Mingfeng away.

Zhuang Mingfeng, who was in his early twenties and a clear and thin teenager, was pushed so hard that he almost fell to the ground.

Ye Yunla’s eyes were slightly cold as she lifted her hand and grabbed the fat man’s wrist, fiercely throwing him to the ground with an over-the-shoulder slam.

The fat man was the foreman of the group of workers, and when he fell, a dozen workers behind him gathered around him.

Ye Yunla laughed lightly, “What, do you all want to be arrested by the police and put in jail for a few days?”

These workers were also ordinary people, with young and old at home, going to the bureau for a few days would cost them a lot of money, so they all backed off at once.

“You have worked half a day today, you can go and settle the half day’s wages with Zhuang’s group, but don’t think about the rest.” Ye Yunla said in a light voice, “In the afternoon, if any of you have time, help me take down the fences that have already been installed and settle for the morning’s wages.”

When she said this, the workers all cheered up.

The installation was rather time-consuming, but taking down the fence would be easy, and could be done in less than an hour.

Ye Yunla easily settled the group of workers with a few words, and even the fat man who was thrown to the ground had nothing to say, and honestly went to arrange for the people under his hands to work.

“Sister, you’re too good too.” Zhuang Mingfeng was a bit dumbfounded, “You actually know kung fu?”

“Know a little bit, nothing to be surprised about.” Ye Yunla took out a document from her bag, “This is my newly planned resort plan, you guys take a look at anything that needs to be modified, if not, take it to the company and the Ministry of Housing and Construction for the record today, we’ll start construction tomorrow.”

Zhuang Mingfeng turned the document over, and Gao Tu and Manager Wen also came over to look at it.

Only after reading a few pages, a stunning light came into the eyes of the three men.

“Miss Ye, if the resort can really be transformed like this, it will be comparable to those globally famous islands, and the profit impact in all aspects will completely surpa*s that petrochemical project.” Manager Wen said excitedly.

Gao Tu frowned, “But the investment will be huge, especially for the water project, a billion won’t do it at all.”

“Zhuang’s group’s finance department is aunt’s people, no one will approve such a large investment amount.” Zhuang Mingfeng pursed his lips and said, “This scheme is perfect, if it can really be implemented on the ground, it will become the most profitable project for Zhuang’s group in the future, unfortunately ……”

Ye Yunla hooked her lips and smiled lightly, “If Zhuang doesn’t invest, then pull investment from outside, it’s not a big deal.”

She also wanted to invest a few hundred million in it herself, the president of Fu’s group planned it first hand, and she personally kept an eye on the project, a sure-fire deal.

“Miss Ye, leave the matter of pulling investment to me, I know some investors, I should be able to pull over at least five hundred million dollars of investment.” Gao Tu suggested himself.

Ye Yunla nodded and said in a light voice: “The matter of pulling in investment will be left to Manager Gao for the time being, Manager Wen is mainly responsible for things on the construction site, I am planning it like this for the time being, recruit more workers and implement a two-shift system, this will speed up the progress of the project ……”

After saying that, she looked at Zhuang Mingfeng again, “Your task is very important, be responsible for contacting the heads of the various departments of Zhuang’s group and convince them to cooperate with the process of our project ……”

Halfway through her words, her head suddenly emptied and her whole body became a little dizzy.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you?” Zhuang Mingfeng raised his head to look at her, and saw Ye Yunla’s eyes rolled over, and she fell to the ground unawares.


Ye Yunla was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, her face pale.