HC Chapter 847

The winter night was cold and windy, but the house was heated and not cold.

Ye Yunla sat on the carpet in the study, leaning her back against the man’s chest, tapping on her notebook as she said, “Beijue, I remember that your Fu Group also has a property tourism type of project, do you think there is room for improvement in this resort planned by Zhuang’s?”

Fu Beijue seriously answered her: “I have read the planning of the resort, the overall view is very profitable, but if you want to put it together with the petrochemical project, it must be a surprise. Finding that point of surprise is the key to you winning this competition.”

The man’s knuckled index finger traced over the drawing, “Here, in fact, it can be split into three areas, the first part is coastal tourism, where hotels, folklore activities, leisure hills and so on are …… This part can be made into a sea club, using the sea area and expanding the area of the resort, where the main business is a water club, water singing and dancing performances and other high-end tourism projects …… According to the market environment, this part can bring at least one half of the revenue generation ……”

Ye Yunla listened very carefully.

Her specialty was in the programming technology piece, and regarding property planning then she would have to listen to the professionals.

It must be said that after the resort plan was modified by Fu Beijue, it was more functional, the selling points were more attractive and the predicted benefits were more substantial ……

The two discussed in the study for close to an hour before the overall plan was finalized.

“Honey, thank you so much!” Ye Yunla wrapped her arms around the man’s neck, “If I didn’t have you to guide me, I would have had a headache for days.”

Fu Beijue smoothly took her into his arms, his voice was low and soft, “A month is too short, you may not even be able to make the initial framework of the project, I will give you half of the people on Fu’s group’s property project, you divide these people into two shifts and work for a few hours at night as well, this is equivalent to an extra month of time.”

Ye Yunla hooked her lips and smiled, “You lent me the people, what about Fu’s?”

“If I lend you people, I can’t start this project, so tell me, how will you repay me?” Fu Beijue said in a hoarse voice as he pressed his forehead against hers.

Ye Yunla hurriedly avoided him and said angrily, “Fu Beijue, can you think of something else?”

The man took her into his arms with one big hand and laughed lightly, “You’re my wife, it’s legal for me to think about this.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he picked up Yeyunara in a horizontal embrace as he walked out of the study and threw the woman onto the large, soft bed in the master bedroom.

The man stood at the edge of the bed and unbuttoned his collar one by one.

Ye Yunla inexplicably tensed up: “I, I’m not very convenient today ……”

Fu Beijue lost his smile: “There are seven more days before you become inconvenienced.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

It’s enough that the day of her period is remembered so clearly!

But she was really a bit flustered.

Twice in a row when she was intimate, that eerie voice would appear in her head.

She was afraid that she wouldn’t have the strong mental strength to resist it when it reappeared ……

“LaLa, don’t be afraid, I’ll be very, very light ……”

Fu Beijue leaned down and pressed her underneath him, his voice low and deep and slow.

Ye Yunla’s heart pounded violently, she was just so indomitable, when this man got gentle, she was powerless to resist.

“Beijue …… Hubby, I really can’t today ……”

Ye Yunla was dying to struggle.

Her resistance was nothing in Fu Beijue’s eyes ……

The man kissed her face gently ……

“Daddy, mummy, what are you doing ……”

A soft, sticky voice snapped out.

Ye Yunla sat up from the bed with a jolt, fortunately her clothes were still on her, otherwise she really couldn’t account for it.

She looked at Fu Ziling standing in the doorway and smiled dryly, “Little Ling Ling, why are you still awake ……”

“I want to drink some water and I’m afraid to go downstairs alone, so I want to find mommy to accompany me down.” Fu Ziling blinked his eyes in confusion and asked, “Were daddy and mummy just fighting?”