HC Chapter 837

After finishing her morning work, Ye Yunla went downstairs for dinner with Tan Jing and a few colleagues.

She had just walked to the entrance of the restaurant when she saw Zhou Xianwu and a voluptuously dressed young woman sitting at the window seat of the restaurant.

The woman was sitting against Zhou Xianwu, her breasts pressed against Zhou Xianwu’s arm, and the man’s hands were roaming around her waist and hips. If this was not a public place, Ye Yunla doubted that these two could have f*cked on the spot.

She said indifferently, “Let’s change places.”

Before she had time to turn around, Zhou Xianwu saw her and hurriedly greeted her, “Cousin, come and sit down, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Looking at his smiling face, Ye Yunla only felt uncomfortable, she said coldly, “I’m not free.”

“Cousin, don’t you have to eat anyway, so let’s eat together.” Zhou Xian Wu smilingly retained, “I have some serious business I want to talk to you about.”

“Miss Ye, Brother Wu just wants to treat you to a meal as an apology.” The woman also came over and said in a lowered voice, “Xie Siqi is indeed not like that, discussing her own aunt who died long ago in public, Miss Ye that slap was really a beautiful slap ……”

Ye Yunla felt a little sick to her stomach.

She really didn’t want to deal with these people, but these people had to come over and get in the way, so don’t blame her for speaking unkindly.

“Xie Siqi is not like a man, you are like a man?” Ye Yunla said coldly, “A girl in her early twenties, what’s wrong with being a lover and a mistress, didn’t your parents ever teach you how to behave?”

“I, I this ……” The woman instantly froze, feeling the strange eyes sweeping over from all sides, she felt so embarra*sed that she couldn’t say a word.

Zhou Xianwu’s face also looked a little uncomfortable: “Cousin, what is this talk?”

“Mr. Zhou, don’t use Xie Siqi as a stepping stone to get close to me, I hate Xie Siqi and I can clean up after myself, no need for you to do so. You are her husband, if you protect her and love her, perhaps, I can still make friends with you, but now ……” Ye Yunla sneered, “The person I despise most is a man who beats his wife at home and hooks up with his mistress outside!”

She said this with a powerful voice. The crowd in the restaurant all applauded.

“Well said!”

“Some young girls these days are just shameless, always hooking up with married women!”

“This kind of woman would have been dipped in a pig cage and paraded through the streets decades ago!”


Ye Yunla pulled at the corner of her mouth.

This era was like this, no matter what happened, as long as it was related to a woman, it was the woman’s fault.

Zhou Xianwu, a man, was rarely scolded.

She glanced coldly at Zhou Xianwu and led Tan Jing and the others out of this restaurant.

Zhou Xianwu was surrounded by people and his lungs were about to explode with anger, he backhandedly slapped the woman’s face, “I shouldn’t have listened to your idea of waiting here for Ye Yunla, you’ve lost my face! Get out of here!”

The woman covered her face in disbelief, “Zhou Xianwu, you actually hit me, didn’t you say you would treat me well for the rest of your life? I’m so blind, how could I be with a man like you!”

Zhou Xianwu’s face was full of impatience, “Get away from me, the sight of you is annoying!”

He had too many women around him, changing a few a month, this woman had been with him for a little longer, only half a year, and unexpectedly she had started to dictate his career.

If this woman hadn’t had to follow him here today, would he have been scolded in public by Ye Yunla pointing her nose at him?