HC Chapter 836

Ye Yunla snorted in her heart.

Her own wife had been beaten up, and as a result, the husband had come to her door to apologise.

Although Xie Siqi was at fault, this time, Xie Siqi was clearly being used as a stepping stone by her own husband, which was really a bit pathetic.

She just couldn’t understand why Xie Siqi kept holding out for a divorce.

“I’ll be the host for lunch today and treat cousin to a nice meal, so cousin don’t be generally bothered with your cousin.”

Zhou Xianwu smilingly continued.

He had a smile on his face, but all sorts of thoughts were turning in his mind.

He had gone to the Xie family yesterday and had long since inquired with Old Lady Xie that this cousin had not divorced Fu Beijiu at all.

And from what Old Lady Xie said, the relationship between the two seemed to be quite good.

And even if they were divorced, the cousin aunt was still the biological mother of several of the Fu family’s young masters and must not be offended under normal circumstances.

Then again, Ye Yunla was still the only young lady in the Zhuang family.

Their Zhou Group and the Zhuang’s happened to have a joint project, if they played nice with Ye Yunla, the project should last for a long time, and why not put down a bit to get a permanent project?

Ye Yunla smiled lightly and asked, “Then can I ask, how did you teach my cousin a lesson?”

“Doesn’t that mouth of hers like to cause trouble, so I slapped her a few times to see if she dares to say anything in front of her cousin in the future.” Zhou Xianwu felt that he had done a good job and said very proudly.

Ye Yunla’s face suddenly went cold.

Of course she hated Xie Siqi, but she hated this kind of man who cheated on her and also committed domestic violence even more.

She said coldly, “It’s not your turn to worry about the matters between Xie Siqi and me, please go back.”

Zhou Xianwu didn’t feel her attitude had gone cold at all, he still said smilingly, “I’ve booked a table at the restaurant downstairs from your company, you’ll come down for lunch later and we’ll have a nice meal.”

Ye Yunla’s face was indifferent: “No need, I’m very busy, I don’t have time to eat with you.”

She said and walked out of the parlour.

Zhou Xianwu rubbed his chin, finally realising that he had been rejected.

Their Zhou family was one of the most prestigious families in Hai Cheng, and he didn’t care how many people wanted to invite him to dinner, but he was rejected by a bitch?

Zhou Xianwu coldly left from the Lara Star Technology Company and had just walked downstairs when an enchanting woman greeted him, “Brother Wu, how did it go?”

“That bitch is shameless!” Zhou Xianwu wrapped his arm around the woman’s slender waist, “Forget it, I don’t need that little business from the Zhuang family.”

“Brother Wu, if that big project of the Zhuang family is made, you will have more say in the Zhou family than your big brother and second brother, only a fool would give up!” The woman’s eyes rolled, “What the hell just happened, Brother Wu, tell me more about it so I can give you some ideas too.”

Zhou Xian Wu slapped her hard on the buttocks and went over what had just happened in the meeting with Ye Yunla.

“That is to say, when Ye Yunla learned that you slapped Xie Siqi a few times, her attitude suddenly changed.” It dawned on the woman, “What Ye Yunla hates most is Xie Siqi, her cousin, so you must have hit her lightly. It was only a few slaps, Ye Yunla could have gotten on with it herself, why would she need you?”

Zhou Xianwu rubbed his chin, “Then what do you mean?”

“Brother Wu, let’s do this, this ……”

The two men muttered up.