HC Chapter 831

When Ye Yunla walked to the entrance of the banquet hall, she saw a black car parked discreetly at the exit.

The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile as she walked over, and before she could reach the car, Fu Beijue got down from the driver’s seat and helped her pull open the door of the pa*senger seat.

The man bent down and carefully helped her fasten her seat belt, his voice low, “Why are you still drinking?”

“Just a couple of sips.” Ye Yunla said casually, “When did you get here?”

Fu Beijue returned to the driver’s seat, gripping the steering wheel and said, “Just arrived.”

As the car slowly drove down the road, the man’s low voice rang out from inside the car, “I’m supposed to be with you today at the family recognition banquet.”

Ye Yunla froze, and then immediately understood.

I guess what happened at the banquet tonight had made the news again, she was mocked by Xie Siqi, mobbed by the reporters and talked about by the people in the banquet hall …… These things should also be discussed by people on the internet.

And Fu Beijue must have specifically picked news about her to browse.

She held the man’s hand and curled her lips in a smile: “If you really showed up with me, people on the internet would be talking about it… The Fu couple are both disfigured and the reason behind it is shocking! The netizens will be talking all over the place, and they might even make up a lousy and dogged love story.”

Fu Beijiu lost his smile a little.

He had gone for facial repair surgery yesterday, and with his face currently wrapped in gauze, he really couldn’t appear in the spotlight.

But he was even more reluctant to let LaLa face the gossip alone.

“We’re so close, we’re not divorced, what do we care what those people say?” Ye Yunla twisted her head and asked him with a smile, “How was your visit to the company today, did you solve all those hidden problems left behind by Fu Nanchuan?”

Fu Beijue’s face turned serious, “He runs more than one underground biotech company, there are also branches of his in the H land, but his fingerprints are needed to unlock the locks to give orders, I’ll deal with those after his fingerprints are sent back.”

These companies were the cradle of evil and all the chips developed had to be destroyed in order to reduce the evil.

Ye Yunla was also aware of the existence of the bio companies, Fu Chuan had personally approached her a few months ago to do a collaboration in this area, but she had turned it down.

The return on this industry was over a thousand percent, and she was not moved by it, more people were rushing to do it, it had long since become a scale, and it was not an easy thing to destroy.

And it would be easy to offend people, even to the point of devastating reprisals.

But her man was not afraid, a man with a sense of justice who maintained the goodness in his heart even when he had lost his memory.

Even when he was influenced by sinful people in the land of sin, he always followed his heart.

Ye Yunla’s eyes shone brightly and Fu Beijue was very uncomfortable by the look, the knot in his throat rolled heavily.

If he hadn’t been driving, he would have finished her off right there.

He pretended as if nothing had happened, “I’ll arrange for a few people to send Catherine to the H boundary, then we can get Fu Nanchuan’s fingerprints back without any problems, and everything will be settled soon.”

Ye Yunla deeply felt the hidden emotion in the depths of this man’s voice.