HC Chapter 830

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and took a sip of champagne, a fine wine with a mellow and refreshing taste.

A marriage recognition banquet ended silently.

Zhuang Shen wanted to send Ye Yunla back, she smiled and refused, “Beijue is just waiting for me outside, father should go and talk to grandfather, he’s been watching you.”

Zhuang Shen turned around and saw that Master Zhuang was indeed looking his way, he said helplessly, “Then take care on your way and send me a message when you arrive home.”

Ye Yunla nodded happily and carried her skirt towards the banquet hall.

By this time the guests had almost dispersed, and she had just reached the door when a figure blocked her way.

She raised her eyebrows gently, “What is cousin doing here?”

Yue Yinghan gritted her teeth and said, “Ye Yunla, you have to cross me, don’t you?”

Ye Yunla smiled lightly, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Even if you stole Feng Chengyu, why do you still want to steal the position of heir from me?” Yue Ying Han said hatefully, “If you don’t withdraw from the heir race, then I’ll expose your scandalous deeds.”

Ye Yunla was almost laughing, “Don’t you think it’s too childish to use the same tactics you used against Zhuang Mingfeng to deal with me? Just because Zhuang Mingfeng is young and can be subdued by you doesn’t mean that I will also compromise unconditionally.”

Yue Yinghan held up the printed photo and said word for word, “You cheated on your wife and went in and out with a wild man, if this photo is exposed, the Fu family will definitely kick you out, and you won’t have any chance!”

The photo was secretly taken at first glance, it was the back of her and Fu Beijiu.

I don’t know whether Yue Yinghan’s eyes were bad or blind, but she actually recognized Fu Beijue’s back as a wild man.

She laughed lightly, “Then feel free to do as you please.”

After saying that, she lifted the hem of her skirt and walked towards the outside of the banquet hall.

Yue Yinghan was furious and stomped her foot.

Naturally, she didn’t dare to expose this photo freely, because it was the only handle to hold Zhuang Mingfeng down, and once the photo leaked out, Zhuang Mingfeng would definitely go to his grandfather to complain!

She turned around and went back to the banquet hall.

The guests had all left, and only the Zhuang family was still there.

Master Zhuang’s face was serious, his gaze fixed on Zhuang Shen: “This was your idea?”

“Lara is excellent and very suitable to be the Zhuang family’s heir.” Zhuang Shen did not deny it and said in a light voice, “She started her own business running a company, annexed and integrated the Ye Group, and now the Lara Star Technology Company is gradually emerging in Haicheng, her business ability does not need to be questioned at all.”

“But her status is indeed a bit awkward ……” Zhuang Yuan said indifferently, “An illegitimate daughter as the heir, outsiders will surely say whether the Zhuang family has no one ……”

Zhuang Shen’s eyes faintly swept over, “Let a cousin miss be the heir, outsiders won’t judge?”

Zhuang Yuan choked raw.

Yue Yinghan knew that spilling her guts would not work and began to play the pity game, “Uncle, are you not loving me, your niece, because you have your own daughter?”

“LaLa is your own cousin, you respect her and I will naturally love you.” Zhuang Shen threw down these words nonchalantly.

Yue Ying Han was furious and fiercely clenched his fist.

Ye Yunla was really too cheap, not only did she steal away the person she loved most, but she had also stirred up her family into a mess!

She and Ye Yunla were at loggerheads!

She would rather lose than let this little b*tch have her way!