HC Chapter 821

Ye Yunla didn’t understand why her memory had fractured.

She had forgotten everything about those twenty minutes or so in between.

She looked down at the man who was treating the wound on her index finger and was filled with guilt: “I’m sorry Beijue, I didn’t mean to forget.”

Fu Beijue carefully helped her clean the blood scab and carefully applied a band-aid, before he let out a sigh of relief.

He reached out and stroked the woman’s slightly messy hair, his voice softly saying, “Lara, you don’t need to say sorry to me, let’s go to the hospital later, shall we?”

It was unusual that a person wouldn’t somehow lose their memory of a certain time period.

If it had only been this one abnormality, then so be it, but one night not too long ago, his LaLa had suddenly gone out onto the balcony and almost jumped off.

The bottom line was that that memory was also forgotten by Rara.

Ye Yunla nodded gently: “In the past, when I had just given birth to four children, my memory would suddenly fracture, the proverbial one pregnancy is stupid, but at that time, my memory was not so bad as this …… It’s hard to believe that I was hypnotized by Catherine too?”

Fu Beijiu couldn’t help but lose his smile: “Hypnotic amnesia is not your case, you don’t think nonsense, just go to the hospital and see.”

Ye Yunla hooked her arms around his neck, her cold eyes looking at his handsome features, “If I also lost my memory, if I became a completely different person, would you still love me?”

Fu Beijiu hugged her tighter: “Don’t say silly things, that won’t happen.”

“I’m just asking you if, if I really became another woman with an odd personality, not just a bad personality but also ugly, would you still love me?” Ye Yunla asked unrelentingly.

Fu Beijue told her the answer with his actions.

He kissed her hard, deep, lingering kisses that landed on the scars on her face ……

The kiss was overwhelming, the temperature in the bedroom gradually rising, one kiss no longer able to satisfy the thirst of each other’s bodies.

It was only when twilight fell and the bedroom grew darker that the two finally ended it soundly.

By the time they emerged from the bedroom, the maids had prepared dinner.

The four children sat around the dining table, their eight eyes fixed on the two.

Fu Ziyan coughed softly, “I just said that Mummy was just being petulant, now you should believe me, right?”

“Mummy was pouting for an hour this time.” Little Yinyin’s long feathery eyelashes flashed, “I’ll learn from Mummy from now on.”

Fu Ziling propped up his chubby little chin, “Sister, that’s not pampering, that’s bullying.”

As soon as his sister pouted, he immediately surrendered, not having any fighting power at all.

“What are you guys talking about?” Ye Yunla walked over to the table and said in a calm manner, “The food is good today, you guys go and call grandma to come downstairs for dinner.”

Ye Jingzhan said good-naturedly, “Grandpa Qiao has just brought Grandma’s dinner upstairs.”

It was true that Mrs Fu rarely came downstairs to dine with them, so Ye Yunla didn’t say much.

After eating, Fu Beijiu went to get the car keys.

Fu Zi Ling immediately hugged Ye Yunla’s thigh, “Mummy, it’s so late, where are you and Daddy going, I want to go too.”

“A date.” Fu Beijue coldly spat out two words, “You dare to try to follow?”

Fu Zi Ling immediately let go of Ye Yunla.

He hadn’t forgotten that when he had kissed Mummy in the past, he had been swept away by Daddy’s cold eyes for many days.