HC Chapter 814

Fu Ziling: “……”

This is indeed true, but why does it always feel weird, why would big brother compare a dog to him ……

“There is surveillance as proof.” Ye Jingzhan opened his mouth, “Even if it goes to court, you need to compensate for these losses. Someone do the math, how much will this cost in total?”

The stunned waiters around them hurriedly brought computers over to do the math.

There were seventeen dresses in total, the cheapest one costing 180,000 and the most expensive one nearly half a million, which came to nearly five million.

The waitress’s face turned white with fear.

She couldn’t even afford to pay for one, let alone so many ……

“What’s happening?”

Ye Yunla was halfway through trying on the clothes when she heard the commotion from outside, she hurriedly put her clothes on and walked out, and saw the hall in a mess.

Fu Ziling gloated and complained, “Mummy, this auntie has damaged a dozen clothes and wants to pay five million dollars.”

“No, it’s not me ……” The waitress shivered her lips, “Miss Ye, it was your son who deliberately tripped me with his foot, that’s why I fell, I shouldn’t be the one to bear the consequences ……”

Ye Yunla turned her eyes to look at Fu Ziling, and saw this guy rubbing his nose with a vain look on his face.

After a little thought she understood what was going on, this waitress had led the way in badmouthing her earlier, and should have been overheard by a few kids as well, which is why she had directed herself to this scene.

She lightly picked up the first dress, “We’ll pay for the loss of this dress.”

The waitress was dumbfounded: “What about the remaining seventeen pieces?”

“Although our Fu family is rich, we won’t pay for other people’s mistakes.” Ye Yunla said in a light voice, “This dress will be considered as my son’s reason, but the other seventeen pieces, they don’t have half a thing to do with us.”

She took the dress directly to the counter to settle the bill.

The waitress was terrified, both legs sat limply on the floor, she looked at the mess, covered her face and cried out in despair ……

Ye Yunla said to the children as she paid: “In the future, if you want to punish others, you must not get yourself entangled.”

In this incident today, although the few children were in the right, if we had to discuss it in detail, it would be easy to be labeled as bullying.

Fu Ziling blinked, “So Mummy doesn’t blame me?”

Ye Yunla curled her lips and smiled gently, “You did it to help Mummy out, why should Mummy blame you, it’s just that there is clearly a better way to handle this matter, so you can think twice before acting in the future.”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips and said, “Because this is the only thing that can make that waitress remember that not everyone can say bad things about anyone.”

Of course he knew that this matter could easily give people a bad rap, but he didn’t care about anything as long as he could take it out for his mommy.

Zhuang Shen had been in the men’s section and only when he had picked out his dress did he hear the waiter talk about it.

He looked coldly at the waitress who had attempted to beg him for forgiveness and said indifferently, “If you hadn’t dumped the pot on the child in the first place, but had instead taken the initiative to admit your fault to Lara, perhaps, I would have been able to help you repay this debt, but for now? You’re still young, you can still afford it by working slowly in this life.”

Zhuang Shen coldly threw down these words and left the styling room with Ye Yunla and the four children.

When he reached the door, he was filled with guilt, “I’m sorry, Yara, I shouldn’t have brought you to this styling studio, it’s all my fault ……”

Ye Yunla smiled unconcernedly, “My mouth is on other people’s faces, I don’t care what those people say. Although I have two extra scars on my face, I don’t feel ugly.”

Zhuang Shen let out a sigh.

What girl could stand to have her face suddenly ruined, and these words from LaLa were just to make him feel relieved ……