HC Chapter 811

Fu Ziling was full of shock, and little Yinyin was not far behind.

It was Ye Jingzhan and Fu Ziyan who were relatively calm, as if they had guessed this matter a long time ago.

“It’s a bit complicated to say, in short, Zhuang Shen is Mummy’s real father, my real father, is your real grandfather, from now on you can just call him Grandpa.” Ye Yunla said with a smile.

Fu Ziling jumped three feet high: “Great, I finally have a grandfather too!”

At first he was disgusted with Ye Xueying and was simply unwilling to call Ye Zhenshan grandfather.

He had followed his mommy to meet Zhuang Shen a few times, who was very nice to her and gave him a big red envelope, and the best part was that Grandpa would also guide him in drawing …… He loves having a grandfather so much.

Little Yinyin’s eyes lit up as well, “I have a mummy, a daddy, three brothers, a grandmother, a grandpa Qiao and now a grandpa, I’m so happy.”

“You also have a brother-in-law.” Ye Yunla said with a smile.

Ye Jingzhan glanced at Ye Yunla and realised that the smile on Mummy’s face did not look like a fake.

It seemed that Mummy had genuinely accepted the Zhuang family and was willing for them to come into contact with them ……

He was just a little worried if the Zhuang family would come to the house to acknowledge their marriage because of mommy’s status as the young lady of the Fu family.

“Daddy has checked the Zhuang family, your grandfather and uncle are sincere to mommy, as for the others, you don’t need to put your mind on it.” Fu Beijue said faintly from the side, dispelling the last doubts in Ye Jingzhan and Fu Ziyan’s hearts.

Early the next morning, Ye Yunla and the four children went out.

Fu Beijue had to deal with the legacy of Fu Nanchuan’s group, so he dropped them off at the entrance of the dress shop and left.

Ye Yunla had just reached the entrance of the dress shop with her four children when Zhuang Shen greeted her with quick steps.

He was wearing a silver grey tuxedo today, with a navy blue bow tie around his collar, looking very aristocratic.

“Lara, Ziyan, little Ling Ling, Jing’er, little Yinyin, come in with me, your dresses are all especially nice!” Zhuang Shen’s voice shook a little as he spoke, clearly nervous.

Fu Ziling blinked and said, “Grandpa, why are you nervous?”

“I, I’m not nervous at all, huh, wait!” Zhuang Shen’s eyes widened, “What did you just call me?”

“Called Grandpa.” Little Yinyin cocked her head, “You’re Mummy’s real father, so you’re our grandfather, what’s wrong with that?”

Zhuang Shen was excited and nervous, he looked at Ye Yunla and said, “Lara, is this what you taught the children to call out?”

Ye Yunla nodded, “Father, let’s go in first.”

The sound of Grandfather Zhuang Shen hadn’t even been digested yet, and this sound of Father made his whole body suddenly become giddy.

He had been worried that LaLa hated him, that LaLa wouldn’t accept him, that LaLa wouldn’t recognize him as her father, but he hadn’t expected ……

This fatherly cry came so quickly, so suddenly ……

“Hey, good daughter ……”

Zhuang Shen responded, only to find that Ye Yunla had already walked into the clothing shop with her four children.

Fu Ziling covered her mouth and snickered, “Grandpa’s reaction is as slow as a giraffe, especially slow, hahaha.”

Little Yinyin blinked her eyes, “I think Grandpa is a little bit cute.”

Fu Ziyan coughed and said, “You can’t use cute to describe an elder.”

“But the word kindness doesn’t go with grandpa either.” Ye Jingzhan said lightly, “Cute is good.”

At least he didn’t seem to have so much heart and was indeed kind to Mummy.

Zhuang Shen followed quickly, rubbing his nose, “Lara, you’re walking really fast, I almost couldn’t keep up.”