HC Chapter 807

The doctor tore the gauze away, the wound had already healed and there was no need to wrap the gauze anymore.

Ye Yunla looked at the wound in the mirror, it was actually not as hideous as she thought it would be, but the left side of her face had recovered a little better.

She gently touched the right side of her face and it didn’t feel as tingly as it did last night.

She asked, “The right side of my face hurts all of a sudden, but this doesn’t happen with the left side, what’s going on here?”

The doctor examined the wound carefully, “The trauma on the right side is bigger and deeper, it should be growing flesh, so there will be a stinging pain, you must not scratch it with your hands to avoid reinfection.”

“Isn’t there any way to get rid of this stinging pain?” Ye Yunla asked afterwards.

What happened last night seemed to be what happened after the stinging pain on the right side of her face, after her brain went blank.

Fu Beijue also spoke up, “Can you prescribe some painkillers?”

The doctor seriously suggested, “Painkillers are usually taken after suffering from a major illness or surgery, and an injury like yours is not suitable for taking this kind of medicine with a lot of side effects. In fact, the pain from a healing wound is a primary pain and is perfectly tolerable ……”

The doctor crackled on, hiding the meaning that Ye Yunla was afraid of pain.

She also felt that she had made a bit of a fuss and helplessly said, “Then I won’t take any medicine, just bear with it and it will pa*s.”

Fu Beijue wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, “When you’re in pain, just pinch me, having someone with you to share the pain with will share half of the pain.”

Ye Yunla was amused by him, “Okay, next time I’ll pinch you, you can’t cry out in pain.”

After the two of them came out of the hospital, Fu Beijue insisted on taking Ye Yunla to a plastic surgery facility.

As she had to go sooner or later anyway, Ye Yunla did not refuse.

She stood at the entrance of the car park waiting for Fu Beijue to drive over.

Just a moment later, someone pa*sed by her and was recognised by pa*sers-by as they brushed past.

A few young girls looked at her face and murmured in astonishment.

“Isn’t this Ye Yunla, the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, why has her face turned into this?”

“Crap, two scars like a centipede, what a beautiful face, how come it’s spoiled like this?”

“This is an offense, disfigured by someone, right ……”

The people on the street did not hear the comments of Ye Yunla, she directly pulled open the car door and got into the car.

Before the car reached the entrance of the plastic surgery facility, Ye Yunla’s mobile phone vibrated, it was Zhuang Shen calling.

“Yara, is your face okay?”

Ye Yunla was a bit puzzled: “Yes, it’s fine.”

“Someone took a picture of you on the news and sent it out, and now the whole internet is saying that you’ve been disfigured ……” Zhuang Shen said cautiously.

Ye Yunla smiled carelessly, “There are two scars on my face, but it’s nothing major, don’t worry about it.”

She hung up the phone and tapped her phone open.

Sure enough, she saw a picture of herself standing in front of the car park waiting for a car in the headline.

It was taken from the front and she actually didn’t feel like she was being filmed at all ……

Her skin was white, the two scars that were still recovering looked extraordinarily shocking, and the comments on the internet were instantly breaking 10,000.

“Hai Cheng’s number one beauty no longer has the face she used to have, vote for the new number one beauty!”

“How could this face be ruined like this, it’s too bad.”

“It looks like it was deliberately scratched by someone, it must have attracted jealousy, God is jealous of the red face.”