HC Chapter 797

When she returned to the Fu family, Ye Yunla told Fu Beijue about the Zhuang family.

The man hugged her shoulders and whispered in her ear, “No matter whose daughter you are, you are my wife, and no one can change that.”

The implication was that he did not care who her father was, that no matter what family she came from, even if she was an orphaned daughter, he would love her as he had always loved her.

Ye Yunla leaned against his resounding chest, “Zhuang Shen invited me to dinner at Zhuang’s house tomorrow, I’ll go there and find out what’s going on between Zhuang Shen and my mother by the way ……”

“I’ll go with you.” Fu Beijue put his arm around her.

“No, I’ll just take the children with me.” Ye Yunla caressed his face, “Although Fu Nanchuan himself has lost his freedom, many of his inner circle are entrenched in Haicheng, you need to surround yourself with these people, so don’t show your concern for me too obviously.”

If those lackeys knew that Fu Nanchuan had been replaced, there would be no small turmoil underneath again, I was afraid.

Don’t make a big fuss about something that can be resolved peacefully.

“Then I’ll send you over.” Fu Beijue wrapped his arms around her tightly and his hands began to roam restlessly over her body, “Is that okay?”

Ye Yunla’s pretty face flushed.

Even if she said no, this man would not stop at all.

She hummed softly, “Then can you hold back?”

“Can’t help it.”

Fu Beijue rolled over and pressed himself over, and dense kisses came.

Just at that moment –

The sound of the door handle turning suddenly sounded.

In almost a second, Fu Beijue rolled off her, and Ye Yunla sat up in a hurry, darting for a book and pretending to flip it open.

Little Yinyin pushed open the door and walked in, saying pitifully, “Mummy, second brother is bullying me.”

Fu Beijiu’s face sank: “Fu Ziling, come here!”

Fu Ziling hid outside the door and explained in a whisper, “I didn’t bully my sister, I really didn’t, big brother testifies!”

Fu Ziyan said indifferently, “Sister wanted to eat the chocolate on the chocolate cake, and Fu Zi Ling ate all the chocolate in one gulp.”

“Oooooooo, second brother is the worst!” Little Yinyin crawled into Fu Beijiu’s arms, “Daddy, will you go and buy me chocolate cake now ……”

Fu Beijiu glanced at the night outside, it was already nine o’clock in the evening, not too late for adults but right, he had more important things to do ……

He coughed and said, “Housekeeper Qiao, you take Little Yinyin to buy chocolates.”

Joe Butler’s voice came from downstairs, “Sir, Miss Yum Yum won’t let me accompany her.”

“I want daddy to accompany me to buy chocolates ……” Little Yinyin grabbed Fu Beijue’s collar and pouted.

Ye Yunla put down the book in her hand and said in a serious tone, “Little Yinyin, you can’t eat candy at night, otherwise there will be little bugs crawling on your teeth, later your pretty teeth will be drilled with many, many holes by the bugs, there are no holes on a princess’ teeth oh, do you still want to be a pretty princess?”

“But I just want to eat it ……”

The little girl bowed her head to her fingers, very aggrieved.

Fu Ziling took the opportunity to wash himself: “I just know I can’t eat candy at night, that’s why I ate all the chocolate, I didn’t bully my sister.”

Ye Yunla looked at him, “Sister can’t eat candy, so you can eat it? There’s black all over your teeth and mouth, hurry up and brush your teeth.”

As soon as Fu Zi Ling covered his small mouth, he turned and ran away.

“Little Yinyin, you can have chocolate if you want, but you have to wait until tomorrow.” Ye Yunla said seriously, “It’s very late now, you go back to your room and sleep.”

Little Yinyin gave daddy a resigned look.

In the past, at this time, daddy would unconditionally agree to any condition she had ……

But today, with the arrow on the string, Fu Beijiu had to ignore his daughter’s watery and pitiful gaze ……

The little yin yin lowered her head and went away pitifully, and was good enough to close the door to her room.

Ye Yunla let out a sigh of relief and jumped off the bed to go over and unlock the door before returning to the bed, only to be held down by the man as soon as she got up there.

A hard object was pressed against her, making both her legs suddenly start to feel weak.