HC Chapter 788

Fu Beijue took her hand in his and said in a low, soft voice, “LaLa, thank you.”

For the past month or so, he had done everything himself, and no one had ever arranged everything about his life properly.

After arriving in Haicheng, it had been LaLa who had been looking after him, being careful in every way, arranging everything just right ……

He owed this woman so much.

“We are husband and wife, don’t say thank you in the future.” Ye Yunla smiled gently and continued to rub his temples.

Fu Beijue closed his eyes slightly, countless fractured images flashed in his mind, he needed to grab these memories hard and then connect the fractured memories into pieces in order to recover the original memories ……

“LaLa, I remember!” Fu Beijue suddenly opened his eyes, “I remembered what happened when I was fifteen.”

Ye Yunla’s hand lurched.

The memory that first revived, the one that should have had the greatest impact on him, was the year he was fifteen …… It seemed to be the passing of his father.

Ye Yunla sat down beside him and said in a soft voice, “You can tell me slowly if you remember anything.”

“The year I turned fifteen, I learned that I had a twin biological brother who was born with a congenital heart condition and was sent elsewhere to be raised ……”

Ye Yunla listened quietly, there was not much discrepancy between what had been said about Fu Nanchuan and what Butler Qiao had said, in general.

“He grew up in a temple when he was young and was later adopted by a family, but because of his extreme personality, he killed the dog that family had kept for seven or eight years, so the family secretly sent him to an orphanage. His time in the orphanage was also restless, and countless children were violently abused by him ……” Fu Beijiu said in a light voice, “He did all this to attract the attention of the Fu family, and he wanted to return to the Fu family. However, my parents were superstitious because the master had told the fortune and said that Fu Nanchuan could not return to the family in this life, otherwise his life would be threatened.”

“For so many years, Fu Nanchuan’s life outside was carefree, and my parents became even more partial to the guru’s words, and never thought of bringing Fu Nanchuan back, no matter how much he tossed and turned. The year he was twelve, Fu Nanchuan was sent to another family to continue living ……” A coldness surfaced under Fu Beijiu’s eyes, “The first year he first went, he was quite peaceful, and then when he was only fourteen, he fell in love with the daughter of that family and had sex. That girl was only twelve years old.”

Ye Yunla lowered her eyes.

No wonder Mrs. Fu kept saying that she owed Fu Nanchuan, perhaps, the formation of such an extreme personality of Fu Nanchuan was related to being abandoned.

Because he had been abandoned by his family, he had banished himself again and again.

But there is nothing wrong with banishing oneself, he shouldn’t have done it to a girl who was only twelve years old ……

Ye Yunla thought this incident was already enough to subvert the three views, but it turned out that Fu Beijue’s next words made her recognize Fu Nanchuan as a person even more thoroughly.

“The girl’s parents couldn’t accept such a thing and tied Fu Nanchuan up and beat him up, intending to send him back to the Fu family the next day. That night, Fu Nanchuan broke free of the ropes, went to the kitchen and got a knife, and hacked all four members of the girl’s family to death in their sleep.”

“What ……”

Ye Yunla’s eyes were dumbfounded and open.

Fu Nanchuan, who was only fourteen years old, had actually killed four people …… No wonder the first time she saw Fu Chuan, she felt that this person had a strong aura of fury.

At the age of fourteen, he dared to kill people and lived until the age of twenty-six, with an estimated accumulation of countless human lives on his hands.

“Hasn’t he been sanctioned by the law for killing someone?” Ye Yunla took a deep breath and asked.

Fourteen years old should be the age of sentencing, why did Fu Nanchuan still manage to strut around and live until now ……

Fu Beijiu pursed his lips tightly and said, “The case was tried for a year, and in the year I turned fifteen, my father was shot dead after being jailed for murder ……”