HC Chapter 785

“Miss Catherine?”

Butler Joe walked out into the courtyard and opened his mouth to call out when he saw a familiar figure.

This Miss Catherine and Madam were close friends, but some time ago, there was a little scandal with Mr. ……

If the young lady were not at home, he would not have let Miss Catherine in.

But now? Mr. and young lady were as in love as ever, so it was just as well that Catherine could have a look and dispel that improper thought.

Butler Joe walked over and opened the barred door, smiling, “Has Miss Catherine dined yet?”

Catherine looked up into the dining room and shuddered.

She took a deep breath and said, “Please ask Butler Joe to tell Her Ladyship that I have some temporary business and will be leaving.”

She turned and fled.

Housekeeper Qiao’s gaze was contemptuous; Catherine must have known that Sir had returned, so she had made a point of coming over.

But once she saw that the young lady was there, she backed off.

These days, the mistress was too shameless, and he didn’t know how Mr. Katherine could be involved with such a woman.

Butler Qiao was about to close the iron grille door behind him when a cold voice came from behind him.

“Since Miss Catherine is here, why don’t you come in and have a seat?”

Ye Yunla walked over, her gaze clear and cold, her two eyes piercing past like sharp blades.

Catherine hadn’t stepped out two metres when she slowly turned back and met Ye Yunla’s cold gaze, she bit her lower lip and said, “You can’t blame me for …… Do you think I wanted Fu Nanchuan to find you so badly, do you think I wanted you to come back so badly …… After you come back, it will be even more impossible for me and him ……”

Ye Yunla stared at her, “It’s not like I’m going to eat you, what are you afraid of?”

As her words trailed off, her eyes caught sight of the wound under Catherine’s collarbone, a burn, a glance at the cigarette.

Her eyes narrowed, “After we parted at the airport that day, did I tell you to leave Haicheng for a few days first? Not only did you not leave, but you continued to pester Fu Nanchuan, right?”

Catherine clenched her fist to death.

The thing she regretted most now was staying in Haicheng.

Ye Yunla had taken the child and left, while she had become a tool for Fu Nanchuan to vent his anger.

If Fu Nanchuan had personally beaten and humiliated her, she would have been able to accept it.

But this man, however, got seven or eight punks to stare at her and insult her body and soul; she was physically bruised and mentally traumatised ……

She was a psychiatrist and she knew exactly what had gone wrong with her mentally.

It was all from being tortured during this time.

“Fu Nanchuan is not here, you come in with me.”

Ye Yunla turned around and headed inside.

Catherine, however, hesitated to move her feet: “Don’t lie to me, I’ve seen him all over.”

“What, you can’t even recognise the man you love.” Ye Yunla snorted, “He’s not Fu Nanchuan.”

Catherine froze.

She took a few quick steps inside and gazed through the gla*s at the side of the man’s face at the dining table.

With just one side face she recognised that it was indeed not Fu Nanchuan.

The person sitting there was Fu Beijiu.

It was Fu Beijue who was originally confirmed dead!