HC Chapter 784

The financial statements of the Fu Group, various project data, it takes time to clean up the memory ……

Although those numbers are familiar, there are some things you can’t do just because you’re familiar with them, especially with projects in the mall, where a decimal point mistake can be a big one.

He had to make sure that everything was in order.

“Many important positions in Fu’s group have been filled by Fu Nanchuan’s people.” Ye Yunla said as she folded her clothes, “Take a trip to the company when you have the chance and kick those punks out of the company first.”

Fu Beijiu put his arm around her waist, “Don’t bother with these things, I have my own plans.”

Ye Yunla stood up straight and lifted her hand to remove his mask, her fingers stroking the scars across his face: “I’ll go with you to the plastic surgery hospital tomorrow, first restore this face to its previous appearance.”

“No, first I will go to the hospital after your face has recovered.” Fu Beijue said in a soft voice.

Ye Yunla looked at him helplessly, “Can’t you go to the hospital first to help me test the waters and see which doctor’s skills are better?”

Fu Beijiu held her face and printed a kiss on the gauze on her face, “Then I’ll operate the day before and you the day after.”

In short, they were in trouble together.

He wouldn’t take the lead in getting this face fixed himself.

Knowing that she couldn’t convince this man, Ye Yunla had no choice but to give up.

The two of them went downstairs after packing their things, just in time for the meal to begin. Housekeeper Qiao had prepared a sumptuous dinner, with a long table filled with all kinds of delicious food.

The children had been in Y for so long, often eating things that didn’t taste like anything abroad, and they really missed Chinese food too much.

After a few dishes were served, they were instantly swept away.

“Oooh wow, it’s so delicious, our family chef’s cooking skills have gotten better!” Fu Zi Ling said with his mouth full and bulging.

Fu Zi Yan gave him a blank look, “It’s still the same Uncle Yu as before, it hasn’t changed at all.”

Little Yinyin curled her crescent eyes and smiled, “Uncle Yu’s cooking skills have always been good, second brother just likes to be picky.”

“Actually, second brother just wants to toss mummy’s cooking.” Ye Jingzhan said coolly, “Of the four of us, second brother is the one who doesn’t care for mummy the least.”

“Not at all!” Fu Ziling quickly clarified, “Mommy, don’t listen to Ye Jingzhan’s nonsense, I like Mommy the most and I love Mommy the most, when I grow up, I want to cook for Mommy every day!”

There was laughter in the dining room and a figure outside the villa walked restlessly back and forth.

Catherine, dressed in a long black dress, pinched her fingers anxiously. She knew that Fu Nanchuan was not in Haicheng during this time, so she dared to come to Fu’s house.

But before she could enter, she saw the figure of a man sitting at the dining room table through the gla*s window.

It was clearly Fu Nanchuan!

He had come back!

And Ye Yunla had come back too!

The events of that day were still vivid in her mind.

Fu Nanchuan beat her half to death just because she told Ye Yunla that Fu Beijue might not be dead ……

Then every few days, she would get beaten up by someone Fu Nanchuan had found, and she now had major and minor bruises stacked on top of each other, and it hurt to walk.

As soon as Fu Nanchuan returned, he borrowed Mrs. Fu to call her over, and must have wanted to teach her a lesson again.

Catherine shivered and turned around to leave.