HC Chapter 782

She had to do something with this photo ……

Yue Yinghan turned off her phone and prepared to go to the office when she saw Zhuang Mingfeng walk in from the villa door, the corner of her mouth hooked up in a scheme.

“Ming Feng, come here, I want to talk to you.”

Zhuang Mingfeng raised his eyes slightly: “What words?”

“Last time uncle said that Ye Yunla was our Zhuang family’s bloodline, why didn’t uncle recognize Ye Yunla back?” Yue Ying Han asked with mock concern.

Zhuang Mingfeng’s eyes were indifferent, “Does this have anything to do with you?”

“Of course it does, Ye Yunla is my cousin.” Yue Yinghan lowered her voice, “Everyone in the circle knows that Ye Yunla has been missing for a while, but the news was suppressed by the Fu family so that it didn’t fester. In fact, Ye Yunla is not missing at all, she is still in Haicheng, only ……”

She deliberately sold a story.

The first thing you need to do is to tell me what you want to say, and I’m too busy to play dumb riddles with you.”

Yue Yinghan choked with anger and said coldly, “Ye Yunla has a new love and moved into a wild man’s house. Her reputation was already bad, and now she’s just gotten married and there’s a divorce scandal, and now she’s suddenly having an affair ……”

The colour of Zhuang Mingfeng’s eyes chilled down to the naked eye.

He stared at Yue Yinghan and said word for word, “There is a legal price to pay for rumors.”

“I didn’t start the rumour, there are pictures and evidence.”

Yue Yinghan held up her mobile phone, and the photo of a man and a woman walking together in an embrace was enlarged and displayed in front of Zhuang Mingfeng’s eyes.

In the photo, the man was wearing a mask, half of his side face only showing one eye, it was completely impossible to see the man’s face …… The man’s hand is on Ye Yunla’s waist, Ye Yunla’s lips are curved, her face is a gentle smile, and starlight is shining under her eyes …… This look is no different from a couple in love ……

Even if Ye Yunla and Fu Beijue had divorced a month ago, but only a month after the divorce, they are in love, which will give people a lot of room for imagination …… Perhaps, people would still blame the reason for their divorce on Ye Yunla’s marital infidelity ……

The blow to a woman is almost devastating …… Even if Ye Yunla didn’t care about gossip, but her four children were getting older, and if they saw these things on the news, I’m afraid it would cast a considerable shadow on their childhood ……

Zhuang Mingfeng raised his hand and snatched the phone away, quickly deleting the photos.

“Heh, you think I don’t have a backup?” Yue Ying Han snorted out, “If you promise me one condition, I’ll delete all the backups.”

Zhuang Mingfeng spoke coldly, “Ye Yunla is only my father’s illegitimate daughter, what makes you think that I will agree to your inexplicable condition because of a sister I don’t know at all?”

“Because once this picture makes the news, uncle will feel even more guilty about Ye Yunla, uncle will feel that he hasn’t done his duty as a father and will try to make up for Ye Yunla in any way he can.” Zhuang Mingfeng laughed lightly, “Instead of making amends afterwards, it would be better to nip the rumours in the bud, don’t you think?”

Zhuang Mingfeng tensed his lower lip.

During this period of time when Ye Yunla was missing, his father was anxious every day, searching around for Ye Yunla’s whereabouts.

If he knew that Ye Yunla was tangled up with a wild man, his dad would probably be furious …… But while he would be angry, he would feel that it was his own failure to do his duty as a father that had turned Ye Yunla into this …… If he had a father to guide him, Ye Yunla would have grown up like a normal person instead of being in the news three days a week for some doggerel ……

“Uncle doesn’t go to the company every day for an illegitimate daughter, and you don’t have any outstanding contribution to the Zhuang Group, grandfather is already disappointed in you, your hope of becoming the heir to the Zhuang Group is very slim.” Yue Ying Han said softly, “You’re hopeless anyway, so why not just take the initiative and withdraw from the competition, as long as you withdraw from the heirship race, I’ll never interfere with anything about Ye Yunla again.”

Zhuang Mingfeng’s fist clenched abruptly.