HC Chapter 780

Even though LaLa did not say so explicitly, he could guess why his twin brother was able to live in his home with impunity.

His mother must have played a very important role.

Since his mother had already chosen Fu Nanchuan, there was no need for him to care about this mother anymore.

“I’ll take you to the hospital first to change your medicine.”

Fu Beijue put his arm around Ye Yunla’s waist and walked out.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips, her expression complicated, the feud between mother and son, the transgression between blood brothers.

The two of them had just reached the door when the sound of hurried footsteps suddenly came from behind them.


Madam Fu’s frail voice rang out behind her.

Ye Yunla and Fu Beijue turned around at the same time.

They saw Madam Fu standing on the steps of the staircase, not even wearing a jacket, her bare feet stepping on the carpet.

Mrs. Fu was still calm, when she saw the masked Duke Fu, her whole body was suddenly stunned: “You are Duke Bei …… You’re not dead …… Beijue, you’re really not dead!”

Mrs. Fu stumbled down the stairs and rushed down, hugging Fu Beijue into her arms.

Ye Yunla silently took a step back.

Fu Beiji let Madam Fu hug him, and only after a few seconds did he say in a clear voice, “Shouldn’t you be asking about Fu Nanchuan’s whereabouts?”

Madam Fu’s eyes widened: “Beijue, what have you done with your brother?”

The corners of Beijue Fu’s mouth curled into a sneer.

“Beijue, don’t be like this ……” Mrs. Fu’s tears fell, “You and Nanchuan are both flesh that fell off my body, no matter which one of you is in trouble, the one who suffers the most is me …… Do you know how painful it was for me when I found out the news that you might be dead, I-”

“If you were in so much pain, why didn’t you go to me?” Fu Beijiu said quietly, “The people who found me and brought me home were Lara and the four children, you don’t deserve to be my mother.”

He was about to say something else when he saw the four children playfully coming down the stairs.

He withdrew the cold colour from his face and said faintly, “I am not a murderous executioner, Fu Nanchuan is alive and well, he has only lost his freedom.”

Mrs. Fu was all relieved, her tears still couldn’t stop flowing down: “I’m sorry Beijue, I really had no choice either, you know, I had no choice …… I owe it to Nanchuan, I owe it to him, I can only do this ……”

“Grandma, what’s wrong with you?”

Fu Ziling put away the playful look on his face and walked over to ask worriedly.

Little Yinyin took Mrs. Fu’s hand, “Grandma, don’t cry, I’ll treat you to ice cream.”

Fu Ziling’s face was grave: “Grandma, what is going on?”

Ye Jingzhan was silent and did not say anything.

His emotions were always sensitive, and when he didn’t speak he was always thinking, and with a little thought, he knew why his grandmother was crying so much.

It was just that it was not his turn to have a say in this matter.

“Fu Ziyan, take care of your younger siblings, I’ll take your mommy for a trip to the hospital.”

Fu Beijue put his arm around Ye Yunla and got into the car, which disappeared at the entrance of the villa at speed.

Mrs. Fu wiped away her tears and looked at Fu Ziyan, asking softly, “Ziyan, can you tell me how you found daddy?”

“Daddy turned out to be a big hero.” Little Yinyin said with glowing eyes, “Daddy is very powerful and caught many bad guys.”

“Daddy was hypnotized and had his memories washed away.” Fu ZiYin got straight to the point, “And he was also injured a lot and had a long scar on his face.”

Madam Fu pursed her lips, no wonder Bei Jue had been wearing a mask, it turned out to be the scar on his face.