HC Chapter 764

The ever chaotic territory of H-land has suddenly settled down in the past two days. The quieter it is, the more people are on edge, and pedestrians are barely visible on the streets.

The sun was shining high on this day, and the Su River, within the borders of Land H, was under guard.

Trebei stood by the river, his face a golden mask, his cloak rustling, his aura overwhelming.

Beside him were the tied up First and Second Elders, both long gone from their initial sharpness after four or five days of torture in prison.

Louis came over from the roadside to report, “Boss, Isabel is coming with her men.”

Dozens of military vehicles slowly drove by, bringing up a cloud of dust.

In the front one sat Isabel, pushing open the door and getting out, her black leather shoes stamping on the ground.

She touched her gun at her back and sneered inwardly, only to look up and see the tortured and disfigured Grand Elder, but she couldn’t stop laughing.

She suppressed her anger and walked step by step to the Su River.

Behind her, she was followed by more than two hundred soldiers in military uniforms and carrying weapons.

These were people that Fu Beijue had seen quite a few of, and just a few days ago when he had a military conference, there were several others who had expressed their hearts to him.

These people, however, were all the Grand Elder’s inner circle.

He curled his lips and smiled lightly, “Miss Isabel, tell them all to hand in their weapons.”

Isabel raised her hand in a gesture, and all of them threw their weapons to the ground with a dull thud.

Louis walked over with is soldiers and collected all the guns on the ground.

Only when all the weapons had been taken away did Isabel speak coldly, “Can I have my father come over now?”

“Let your men come over first.” Fu Beijiu twiddled his fingers, “Don’t mention conditions to me, you’re not qualified to do so.”

Saying that, he glanced at the Grand Elder with an intentional meaning.

The Eldest wanted to say stiffly that his daughter should not give all the family money to Terebei, but when he thought of the painful life in prison, he froze in his tracks and did not say these words …… When he regains his freedom, he must regroup his men and take Terebei by surprise!

The men Isabel had brought with her came in an orderly manner in the direction of Lord Fu Bei, and were brought under control by the army Lord Fu Bei had brought with him.

“Now, you can go over.”

Lord Fu Bei pushed the Grand Elder heavily.

The Eldest Elder’s hands were tied from behind and he walked without balance, running crookedly towards Isabel.

The Second Elder was instantly anxious: “Miss, there’s me, help me ……”

He took a step and tried to rush over too –

Just at that moment!



The sound of the trigger being pulled rang out one after another.

Those who had originally defected to the Great Elder’s men suddenly drew their pistols from their ankles or back waists, and more than two hundred men, each with a gun, aimed at Lord Fu Bei’s men.

The officer at the forefront had a gun pressed against Duke Fu Beiji’s temple.

“Hahahahaha!” The Grand Elder suddenly burst out laughing, “Good job, Belle, truly worthy of being my daughter!”

He really thought that his daughter had handed over all of her inner circle in order to save him, but it turned out that there was still this move waiting!

“Father, I have not let you down.” Isabel curled her lips into a smile and took a step to slowly walk over, “Terebei, didn’t expect it, did you?”

There was no unnecessary change of emotion on Lord Fu Bei’s face as he said indifferently, “Pretending to surrender, but actually preparing to capture me alive, this is Miss Isabelle’s plan?”