HC Chapter 761

“How many men are there in the Grand Elder’s ministry?”

Terebei asked in a cold voice.

Isabel gritted her teeth and spoke in a low voice, “Eight senior officers, twenty-three middle-ranking officers, and over two hundred people from the other military divisions.”

Lord Fu Bei’s eyes turned fiercely cold.

The number of people was actually a third more than the people on the list Ye Yunla had given him ……

It seemed that some people were hiding well ……

These people were ready to bite him at any time, and it was time to kill them all.

He said in a cold voice, “In three days, you bring these people to the Su River and wait for me, and I will bring the Grand Elder over.”

“It’s a deal.”

Isabelle nodded heavily.

It was only when the man’s figure disappeared at the villa’s entrance that her eyes surfaced with intense anger.

How could she be willing to be a subordinate after so many years of being the grand lady of the Black Party.

She bent down into her car and took her mobile phone to dial a number: “Gather all your men, meet me by the Su River in three days, remember, capture Terebei alive, make sure you capture him alive.”

She was going to make this man wag his tail under her pomegranate skirt.

She would show this man that she, Isabelle, was not such a bully!

The early morning night slowly faded away and the morning sun slowly emerged from the sky.

Some irrelevant documents he threw into the shredder, while others he put together in a drawer.

Three hours pa*sed, and it was exactly eight o’clock in the morning.

The silent villa was gradually becoming more and more lively.

He changed into a suit and said in a soft voice, “Blake, come with me.”

Blake came out from the corner and led the way, “Yes.”

As the two walked out of the villa, one after the other, the crowd gave Blake a curious look.

They all knew that the boss had an invisible escort and this was the first time they had seen one, but Blake was wearing a mask and they couldn’t see what Blake looked like.

Blake sat in the driver’s seat and drove the car smoothly into Y territory, eventually stopping in front of an opera house.

The concert had already started, and there were melodious piano music coming out of the recital hall ……

The moment he entered, the woman sitting on the sofa stood up and said in an elegant manner, “I have heard a lot about Mr. Terebei, this is the first time we are meeting officially, how do you do, I am Mavis.”

Queen Mavis smiled and extended her right hand.

She was forty-two years old and looked about thirty, and her every move had the dignity and elegance of royalty.

Lord Fu Bei’s hand exchanged a gentle handshake with hers and then quickly let go.

Blake and the Queen’s entourage sensibly exited the lounge and stood guard at the door, the two sitting face to face on either side of the sofa.

“Queen Mavis, thank you for your willingness to take time out of your busy schedule to see me.” Lord Fu Bei spoke in a light voice, “There will be a hard battle the day after tomorrow, I wonder if Your Majesty is ready for it?”

Mavis looked into the only two dark eyes he showed and said in a light voice, “I trust you, but I do not feel trusted.”

He lifted his hand to remove his golden mask and said with a nod, “No more than five people have seen my true face, does that show my trust?”

Mavis’ eyes fell on his scarred face and she was suddenly struck dumb.

Tears suddenly appeared in the depths of her otherwise calm and elegant eyes, and her red lips opened slightly as she murmured a name.

“Queen Mavis, is it my appearance that has frightened you?”

Fu Beijiu picked up the mask that was placed on the coffee table and was about to continue wearing it.