HC Chapter 742

“LaLa, that’s wonderful.”

Feng Chengyu rose up with heartfelt joy.

For some time now, LaLa had been like an orchid that had lost its vitality and vigour, trying to live but dripping with despair.

Finally, he saw hope in her again.

He also finally understood what this man, Lord Fu Beijue, meant to LaLa.

“But he can’t leave just yet.” Ye Yunla let out a faint, unnoticeable sigh, “His current identity, the situation in the H land, the major forces around him that are watching him, all of them make it impossible for him to pull out smoothly …… My current plan is to help him recover his memory first, and take my time with the rest.”

“Right, right, look I forgot!” Feng Chengyu slapped his head, “Just now Pete arrived.”

He hurriedly led Ye Yunla towards the house.

When Ye Yunla looked into the living room, she saw a bandaged Pete lying on the sofa ……

Last time at the Hai City Hospital, Pete had been beaten up by Fu Nanchuan who had found someone to beat him up, it had only been a short week and he hadn’t recovered at all ……

Ye Yunla felt very sorry: “That, why did you bring Pete here again ……”

“There are no more than ten famous hypnotists in the world, most of them serve the military, and some are monopolized by the rich and powerful of the royal family, and only Pete is a free agent ……” Feng Chengyu lowered his voice, “That Catherine is too annoying, can’t you want me to recruit Catherine over?”

“Ye, you’ll have to treat me well.” Pete lay down on the sofa and wailed, “Because of you, I guess I won’t be able to go to the clinic for six months.”

Fu Ziyan stuffed a peeled grape into his mouth, “Uncle Pete, I’ll be responsible for feeding you at every meal from now on.”

Ye Jingzhan said in a soft voice, “I’ll be responsible for helping you take a bath.”

Little Yinyin came over, “I’ll brush your hair and rub the fragrance.”

“Then I’ll give you a ma*sage, I hope you get better soon.” Fu Ziling rubbed up directly on his broken leg.

“Ouch!” Pete hastily pulled his leg back, “Ye, your four cubs are here to torture me!”

Ye Yunla sat down on the opposite sofa and pursed her lips, “Pete, when a person’s memory is hypnotically sealed, is it difficult to awaken that part of it?”

“It’s hard to say.” Pete said squarely, “It depends on the level of that previous hypnotist and also the will power of the hypnotized person …… You find a chance for me to meet with your husband, we’ll know when we try it out.”

Ye Yunla nodded, “Just for a couple of days, I will ask him to come over.”

The two were chatting about the details when Karl suddenly rushed in, “There’s been another incident!”

Yvonne looked up, “What is it?”

“The arsenal has been blown up, and I don’t know if Terry North was hurt.”

As soon as Carl’s words left his mouth, the four children plus Yvonne quickly turned on the TV news.

The incident was being broadcast on the television.

“The conflict between the Grand Elder and Terry North has officially intensified after two of the Black Party’s Thousand Dollar Isabel’s inner circle were shot down in the street by Terry North.”

“The Grand Elder and the Second Elder were transporting arms when they were intercepted by Terry North in the street, the two groups clashed violently and a large amount of arms were set alight and exploded, with unknown deaths and injuries.”

“The clash has split the population into two camps, with one third supporting the First Elder in power and one third supporting the New Deal in Terebei, and another third watching or having already left the borders of H. There is an influx of refugees into the surrounding countries and social security is threatened ……”