HC Chapter 740

“Daddy, I don’t want to go yet ……”

“Daddy, I’m not full yet ……”

Fu Ziling and Little Yinyin spoke at the same time, the two of them opened their wet eyes and looked at Terry North pitifully.

The man’s cold, hard heart instantly softened into a puddle of water.

His voice was low and soft as he said, “Finish eating first before you go back, and eat slowly.”

At the side, Ye Yunla’s whole body froze.

Even if the two children had called out for daddy, this man had actually answered?

Didn’t he question her words before, why would he accept two children ……

Fu Ziling pulled at Ye Yunla’s clothes and whispered, “Daddy said that as long as no outsiders are around, he can call him daddy.”

When he said this, his eyebrows were all radiant with light.

Only after losing once can one know how happy it feels to have a daddy to protect ……

Ye Yunla looked incredulously at the man sitting at the dining table.

The two people’s eyes were in mid-air.

The two people’s eyes met in mid-air, and in the bright, clear air, the lines of sight made contact and mingled.

She looked into the depths of his deep pupils, and for a moment, it was as if she understood ……

Even though memories can be erased, the pull of blood and emotions can never be removed ……

Just at this moment, an untimely voice came.

“Mo’er ……” Mrs. Cui walked in from the doorway and was about to speak when she saw three people she didn’t recognize in the dining room, she was surprised, “Mo’er, who are these people?”

Terebei’s sharp gaze swept over, “It’s none of your business who they are, if you want to tell me something, just say it.”

Madam Cui’s heart trembled at his sharp gaze.

She dared not probe further into the identity of Ye Yunla and the two children, and smiled dryly, “Mo’er, have you decided when you will return?”

Terebei nodded his head and said, “There is no intention of going back for the time being.”

His voice was very cold and deep, without any of the tenderness he had when talking to the two children.

Mrs. Cui hesitated for a few seconds before bracing herself and speaking, “Mo’er, I know your status now is different from before, so it’s really not possible for you to go back. But your father and I are getting older, and the family business is becoming increasingly unmanageable …… Since you can’t help us, why don’t you have a child for us to take back to inherit the family business …… I’ve been staying here for two days and I think the Grand Elder’s daughter, Miss Isabelle, is just fine, I’ve asked her what she wants and she doesn’t reject you, so why don’t you ……”

No sooner had she finished her words than she felt a sharper line of sight coming from her.

She turned her head and saw the stunningly beautiful young woman in the restaurant with two cold eyes that looked like they were hiding two snowy knives.

Mrs. Cui inexplicably shivered.

She suddenly remembered the rumours from those guards at the villa that Terry North had a mistress outside ……

Could it be this woman?

She took a deep breath and pretended not to care as she continued, “Mo’er, the legal system in this place is not perfect, and no one would dare to say much about a man having a few women. But Miss Isabelle is of noble status, you’d better not make it too obvious ……”

Terebei already had no patience to deal with the Cui family, and when he heard Madam Cui say so, a face was instantly tinted with cold ice: “I know everything you said, Louis, send Madam Cui out.”

Louis hurriedly came over from the doorway and said respectfully, “Madam Cui, please do.”

One Terebei had made Madam Cui a little overwhelmed, and with the addition of Ye Yunla, she simply didn’t dare to stay in the restaurant any longer.