HC Chapter 730

Trebek’s hand on the woman’s waist paused.

Having just had the most intimate of relationships, she brought up her husband in this low, amorous voice.

It made his heart uncomfortable.

But she had a husband in the first place, and he belonged to the third party.

In fact, he felt that this relationship was somewhat unethical, and he never thought that he would find a married woman as a lover.

He indulged in this relationship, but was afraid that she would actually find a husband of her own.

He did not feel inferior to her husband, but every time the man was mentioned, the woman’s eyes would become extremely tender.

She loved his husband very much.

There was no way he could lie to himself about that.

“My husband is about the same height and build as you, also like you, with a green birthmark on his small belly, and your voices are almost identical ……”

Ye Yunla narrated, and was just halfway through her speech when her phone suddenly vibrated on her pillow.

She stretched out her jade-like arm to pick up the phone, and it was a video of the children driving over the phone.

Her whole body startled, she hurriedly got out from under the covers, dressed quickly, took the phone and rushed into the bathroom.

Watching her back, Terry North’s eyes darkened for a moment.

Was she willing to become his lover because he resembled her husband?

That seemed to be the only reason that made sense.

“Knock, knock.”

There was a sudden knock on the door of the room.

Terry North put on his shirt and suit, half leaned back on the bed and said indifferently, “Come in.”

A group of people swarmed in, and the Third and Fourth Elders were full of joy: “You asked us to look around for your family earlier, and we finally found them.”

Terebei’s eyes immediately looked backwards.

Two men and women close to sixty years old walked in with tearful eyes ……

“Mo’er, finally we have found you.”

The woman with a tear-stained face in walked over and grabbed Terebei’s hand.

The half old man stood by the bed with a sad face: “Your name is Cui Mo, you are our only son, you disappeared six months ago, we searched all over the world for you, and finally found you ……”

Looking at the grief of the two people in front of him, Terry North’s heart was not half moved.

The name Cui Mo, he also did not have the slightest sense of familiarity.

However, the Third and Fourth Elders were not from the Grand Elder’s faction and could not have faked this matter.

“Mo’er, this is a picture of you when you were a child, and this is a group photo of you when you were in middle school ……” The woman held out a pile of photos, and the face on the yellowing photos did bear a slight resemblance to him.

“Our family has been in business for generations, we have been in the timber business for decades, and now we have accumulated a lot of wealth, you can follow us back.” The man said in a deep voice, “This place is too dangerous, you shouldn’t make a living in a place like this, come on, we’ll take you home.”

Terebei spoke in a light voice, “Let’s talk after the paternity test first.”

The Third Elder hurriedly brought over a document, “The identification was done a long time ago, and we dared to bring the person here only after it was confirmed that they were your biological parents.”

“Mo’er, are you doubting us?” The woman said in tears, “You’ve only been missing for six months, how could I not even recognise my own son. This scar on your face is not a big deal, when we get back mum will find a doctor for you to get it removed ……”

Terry North looked at the two people in front of him who claimed to be his parents, with no ripples in his heart.