HC Chapter 728

Ye Yunla’s pupils snapped shut.

She hadn’t expected Isabelle to have a gun in her hand, and it was her who had been careless.

Her afterglow quickly looked around her, searching for something she could use as a weapon ……

Just then there was a rustling sound on the large bed.

Both women turned around at the same time–

The man who had been lying half-dead on the bed had propped up his upper body.

Those dark eyes were not half warm and had a touch of death in them, “Isabelle, are you trying to kill someone on my property?”

“I… I ……”

Isabel’s hand shook at the look in his eyes, and with a snap, the pistol fell to the ground.


Terry North barked an order and the guards at the door came in once more.

“Ask Miss Isabel to leave, and furthermore, she is not to enter this door in future without my permission.”

Isabel’s eyes snapped wide.

Before she could say anything else, she was forcibly asked out by two guards.

Her face was twisted to the point of anger, and an air of ruthless determination ran through her body.

This morning, she had come here on her father’s orders with the sole purpose of getting Terebei killed.

She wanted to get a taste of what this man was like before Trebei died, and went soft ……

Given another chance, she would not hesitate to plunge a dagger into this man’s chest!

After the two guards invited the man out, they gently closed the door of the room behind them.

Inside the large master bedroom, only two people were left.

Ye Yunla’s gaze fell on the man’s face, and apart from being heartbroken at his injury, a soft light of delight shone under her eyes.

Between Isabel and her, this man had chosen her without hesitation.

She was becoming more and more convinced that this must be the man for her.

Ye Yunla picked up the bone soup in her hand and walked over slowly, “I heard that you were injured and came over to see you specially, can I have the soup now?”

Terebei’s dark eyes looked at her, “You just said, I’m your man.”

His voice was clearly a little weak, but the words were firm and strong.

Ye Yunla’s cheeks suddenly turned red.

Even when the two of them were at their most intimate, she had never said such a thing.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, lifted her clear eyes and asked with a feigned composure, “What about you, how do you feel when you hear these words of mine?”

“I want that to be true.”

Every word of Terebei’s words were powerful.

Ye Yunla’s lips curled up.

She was about to feed him the soup when she saw a bowl of medicine still sitting by the bed and smiled softly, “Drink the medicine first before you drink the soup.”

She pa*sed the spoon of soup to the man’s lips.

Terebei’s lips opened slightly and the bitter medicine slid down his throat, but a clear sky swirled around the tip of his heart ……

The bowl of medicine went down one mouthful at a time and soon reached the bottom.

Ye Yunla lifted the bone soup up and had just brought it to the man’s lips when her wrist was squeezed by the man.

Terebei, who just now had a soft face, sounded cold and stern to the core: “What did you put in the medicine?”