HC Chapter 727

Ye Yunla narrowed her eyes and looked up to the first floor.

There were two guards with weapons standing at the door of the master bedroom, all in a murderous aura.

“Thank you for telling me that.”

Ye Yunla smiled at Louis and took a step towards the first floor.

The guards at the entrance of the villa let her in straight away, and the two guards guarding the master bedroom door let her in after a routine search.

The master bedroom was large, and the first thing she saw when she stepped inside was a small sitting room, and only after turning the screen was the bed.

She had just taken a step inside when a woman’s voice came out, “You’re just in time, go and get an injection tube, I can’t get the medicine in by spoon feeding.”

Ye Yunla’s heart sank for a moment.

Was she so badly injured that she needed to be fed medicine?

She quickened her steps and walked around the screen to see the pale man lying on the large bed, gauze wrapped around his head, obviously injured in the head.

The man wore no mask, and there was not a trace of blood on his scarred face.

“Didn’t you hear my order to go ……” The woman sitting on the edge of the bed turned back to scold coldly, and when she saw Ye Yunla, her face changed instantly.

Isabel heaved the bowl of medicine in her hand onto the bedside table and stood up, saying coldly and angrily, “Who let you in?”

Ye Yunla placed the bone soup in her hand on the table and spoke blandly, “If you can be here, I can naturally be here too.”

“Get out.” Isabel said in a cold voice, “Are all the people outside dead, throw this woman out.”

The guards at the door slowly walked in, moving with some hesitation.

They were all close to Terebei and knew clearly what relationship Ye Yunla had with Terebei, but Isabel was the daughter of the Grand Elder, and they did not dare to disobey Isabel’s orders ……

“Terebei has said that I can come and go freely from his room.” Ye Yunla spoke in waves, “When he wakes up and learns that I’ve been thrown out by you guys, I’m afraid the consequences won’t be too good.”

The two guards looked at each other, then shook their heads gently.

This woman had been in the boss’s study for over half an hour yesterday afternoon, alone, something should have happened already, otherwise the boss wouldn’t have given this woman so much power ……

The two guards very wisely chose not to get involved in the battle between the two women.

Ye Yunla hooked her lips and smiled, “Miss Isabelle, you have always presented yourself as Terry North’s fiancĂ©e, but unfortunately Terry North has no intention of marrying you.”

Isabelle’s breath caught in her anger, “b*tch, how dare you humiliate me!”

She rushed forward and swung out with a punch.

Ye Yunla easily dodged and grabbed Isabelle’s wrist, giving it a heavy tug.

Isabelle had not expected Ye Yunla to fight back and, caught off guard, her whole body lunged forward, luckily a cupboard was in the way so that she did not fall too hard.

“You, you actually dare to make a move on me, do you know who I am?”

Ye Yunla laughed lightly, “Who doesn’t know that you are the daughter of the Grand Elder, but even if the Grand Elder is here, he must still submit to Terebei, and who are you to chase away Terebei’s guests? Miss Isabel, let me remind you that Trebei does not intend to marry you, so please do not come back to pester him.”

An aura was released from her body, carrying a sense of intimidation if nothing else.

Isabelle took a deep breath, “Who are you to dare speak to me in that tone!”

“Terebei is my man, what kind of a thing do you call me?”

Ye Yunla coldly a*serted ownership.

Her husband, even if he had lost his memory, was still her man.

It wasn’t something that just any woman could get her hands on.

Isabel was really going to die of anger.

She jerked up and raised her hand to grab a gun from the cupboard, the black muzzle of the gun pointed at Ye Yunla’s head.

“Little b*tch, you better behave and get out now, or I’ll make your head explode!”


The trigger of the gun was pulled.