HC Chapter 721

Ye Yunla stared at him lost in thought and spoke again, “I have a husband, it’s impossible for me to be your woman, make another request, I just want to see your face.”

“It’s okay to have a husband, then be my lover.”

Terebei’s lips pressed against her earlobe and spoke softly.

Ye Yunla’s body shook.

The local folk were tough and unrestrained by law, and it was not unusual for many women to have husbands and then commit themselves to the powerful.

But in her values, such things were to be scorned and despised.

Now someone actually offered to make her, a woman with a husband, his lover.

This person could never be Fu Beijue!

The man she loved could not be so shameless.

Ye Yunla quickly took a step back: “Sorry, I don’t want to look at this face of yours right now.”

However, before she could fully withdraw, her waist was once again wrapped around her.

“Look if you want to, or don’t if you don’t want to, I’m not a vegetable garden here.”

With a firm grip, Terry North brought the woman into his arms.

He smelt a familiar scent, a fragrance that made his heart palpitate, a woman who stirred almost all of his mind.

His hands kept sliding down the woman’s back and landed on her hips ……

Ye Yunla’s face went cold as she raised her leg and kicked out, only to have her ankle held in the man’s large palm.

His hands were riddled with wounds, and his bruised fingers scraped coarsely against her white, delicate skin, striking like an electric current straight to her internal organs.

Ye Yunla was ashamed of herself for reacting like this.

She pushed her ankle free, but her calf was caught once more and she fell uncontrollably into the man’s arms once more.

“Stay with me for one night and promise you everything you want.”

The man’s low, cold voice rang out again, the kind of lust in his voice growing thicker and thicker.

“You’re dreaming.”

Ye Yunla backhanded and split the man’s arm, but the man’s arm was as hard as bronze and iron, not responding to her attack.

She clenched the back slot of her teeth, her eyes narrowing as she raised her hand and grabbed the edge of the man’s golden mask.

With a slight push, the mask was ripped off by her.

The first thing that caught her eye was a hideous scar that ran halfway across her face from the corner of her eye.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Yunla was viciously stunned.

This face, it was Fu Beijue’s face!

The eyebrows, eyes, nose and thin lips that had appeared countless times in her dreams …… haunted her.

“Beijue ……”

Ye Yunla’s hand trembled as she slowly lifted to caress the man’s face.

Terebei’s face, however, was as cold as ice, and he snatched the mask back with a split hand and put it back on his face.

The golden mask glittered with crystal light, stinging Ye Yunla’s eyes.

Her eyes were sore and tears almost flowed down her face.

“Do you know what happens when you take my mask off without permission?”

The man’s ruthless and cold words rang out again.

Ye Yunla’s tears fell uncontrollably.

Fu Beijue had never spoken to himself in such a tone, why would he treat her like this, why did he not recognize her anymore ……

Why did he treat her like a complete stranger when she appeared in front of him ……

Her tears poured down, one by one, crystalline on the carpet ……

The man whose face had been cold and thorough suddenly panicked.

“You, why are you crying?”