HC Chapter 717

“Mummy, we’re fine.”

“Mummy, we’ve got the stuff.”

The two children opened their dark eyes and looked at Ye Yunla in a docile manner.

Her heart, which was hanging high in the air, finally fell safely back into her stomach.

Holding one in each of her left and right hands, she led the two children into the house.

Carl changed his shoes at the entrance to the foyer, sniffed his nose and exclaimed exaggeratedly, “Wow, that smells good, is this Chinese food, it looks like it’s delicious.”

In the time it took for the two children to meet Terebei, Ye Yunla had cooked a table full of food.

Four children and three adults sat down at the table.

Carl kept praising as he ate, “Mama Ye, your cooking is really good, no wonder your son is so smart, it must be because your cooking is so delicious!”

“So much food can’t even stop your mouth.” The corners of Feng Chengyu’s mouth twitched, this man looked almost thirty years old, how come he couldn’t do anything right.

After he was half full, Karl rubbed his chin and said, “Why do you think Terebei is wearing a mask?”

Fu Zi Ling blinked her big eyes and said, “A lot of heroes on TV wear masks, like Superman, Oddjob Kid, Ninja ……”

“When you say that, I’m embarrassed to say he’s ugly.” Carl said dryly, “I think, his face should be very ugly because he was injured during the last assassination of August, so he doesn’t show his real face.”

Ye Jingzhan suddenly remembered the abnormality of Fu Ziyan when he was just over there.

He twisted his head and said, “Big brother, did you notice anything?”

Fu Ziyan opened his lips, still suppressing that absurd thought in his mind.

If he said that Terebei’s timbre was similar to Daddy’s, would it give Mummy and his younger siblings some vain illusions?

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment would be in time.

“I do think that Terebei is not as bloodthirsty and ruthless as the legend says.” Fu Ziyan spoke up, “And he was quick to give us the list.”

Feng Chengyu moved the computer over, “Let’s see exactly what list he gave first.”

After the hard drive was connected to the computer, a folder automatically popped up, and it was indeed an internal document from the military department, a list of Asian personnel who had joined the army in the last month.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and said, “One by one, look carefully, pick out all names with the same sound, names with the same monosyllables.”

The seven men divided up the work, and each one was given over a hundred names.

In less than twenty minutes, all seven people had finished retrieving the names on hand ……

There were only less than ten names with any of the syllables of the three words Fu Beijiu, and the age areas of those ten people were all incorrect.

In other words, Fu Beijiu was not even in the Black Party camp.

Everyone’s face turned serious.

If they couldn’t find him among the ordinary people in the H area, and they couldn’t find him in the army, did that prove that Lord Fu Beiji had ……

As soon as this thought came out of her mind, it was pressed down hard by Ye Yunla.

She was incredibly convinced that there was no way Fu Beijiu would die.

Even for her sake, for the sake of the children, he would definitely try to stay alive ……

She felt the tip of her nose sore and a mist floating up from the bottom of her eyes, she hurriedly turned her head and wiped the corners of her eyes to force the tears back.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The villa’s front door was suddenly knocked hard.

Ye Yunla hurriedly got up and walked to the door. Her face turned a minute colder when she saw two guards in green military uniforms outside the door.

She turned her head and said in a low voice, “Cheng Yu, take the children upstairs.”

Feng Chengyu pursed her lips, “You and the children go upstairs and hide, I’ll handle this side.”