HC Chapter 716

The point is, if Terebei dies, will there ever be another man who makes her heart flutter like this?

Of course Terebei had to die for going against her father, but before he died, he had to give her a taste of what this man was like.

“Father, don’t worry, I’ll find a way.”

Father and daughter walked away as they spoke.

Terebei sat on the sofa in the living room, his cold eyebrows piercing with a murderous aura.

If the Grand Elder did not have the economic lifeline of the H-land realm in his hands, he would have had everyone in the Grand Elder’s family thrown into prison long ago.

Now that he was not firmly established, he could not touch the top bra*s within the Black Party for the time being.

The only thing he had in his hands now was military power.

Political power and economic power go hand in hand, one cannot be without the other.

If he really wanted to implement the reforms here successfully, then he had to take over the economic power.

The words of the Oriental woman came to Terebei’s mind ……

What she said was not without merit.

He had read the news that the Chinese were good at economic strategy, and perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let that woman help him.

“Come on man.”

The guards hurried over, “Present.”

“Will ……” Terebei had just opened his mouth, but realized that he didn’t even know the woman’s name.

Perhaps the woman had introduced herself, but he had absolutely no recollection of it.

“The Oriental woman who came over here the day before yesterday, does that ring a bell?”

The guard nodded, “Yes, I remember, and Louis even went to check where this woman had landed ……”

Terebei’s eyes suddenly chilled, “What was he doing checking up on that woman ……”

“Just, that ……” The guard suddenly became embarra*sed and coughed, “It’s rare to see an oriental beauty in this area, and everyone is a little bit stupid, so Louis went to spy for everyone ……”

Terebei’s gaze grew colder, “Explain, no hitting on that woman, she’s my partner.”

The guard was startled, he was secretly glad he hadn’t just said anything too much, otherwise the boss’s eyes would have turned into steel knives and stabbed him to death.

He took a deep breath and said, “Copy that, I’ll go and account for them.”

“After the explanation, invite that woman over.”

After instructing indifferently, Terebei walked up to the study on the first floor with his hands folded.

The guards at the villa had long heard of Ye Yunla’s beautiful name from Louis, and other than not knowing where the woman was from or what her name was, all other information was almost clear.

Ye Yunla waited anxiously, and finally a car pulled up in front of the villa.

The two children and Carl got out of the car one after another.

Only after the car drove away did she impatiently rush out and take the two children into her arms, “Little Yan Yan, Jing’er, are you all right?”