HC Chapter 712

Although she had only seen Terry North’s face just once, the outline of the man’s features was already etched into her heart ……

The eyes, nose and lips of the two children in front of her …… The two children in front of her had the same eyes, nose and lips as Terebei.

It can’t be Terebei’s illegitimate children ……

A strong hostility emerged in Isabelle’s eyes.

Ye Jingzhan and Fu Ziyan acted as if they didn’t see her and sat down straight on the sofa.

“Who are you?”

Isabelle crossed her legs and asked in a cold and wary manner.

Fu Ziyan spoke in a light voice: “And who are you?”

Arrogant, C*cky and cold …… and Terry North’s aura was at least eight points similar.

Isabelle took a deep breath: “I am Terebei’s fiancee ……”

Before she could finish a sentence, a cold, stern voice came from behind her, “Since when do I have a fiancée?”

Isabelle stiffened.

Although the entire H-land community knew that her father intended to marry her to Terry North, the man had never agreed to it.

It was only behind his back that she dared to say she was his fiancée.

I didn’t expect to be overheard just in time.

She smiled dryly, “I’m not joking with the two children, Terebei, these two children are?”

Terebei’s gaze fell on the two children and there was a moment of bewilderment.

That sense of familiarity, it was back ……

“You get out.” Terebei turned his eyes, “Don’t come here without my orders in the future.”

Isabelle was so angry she almost exploded.

She kept taking deep breaths before she calmed down and said, “I won’t get in your way, I’ll just stay here and play with the two children.”

“I want to talk to them about business, you want to play go out and play yourself.” There was a hint of impatience in Terry North’s voice.

Isabelle’s expression really tensed up a little.

What business could there be to talk about with two fart-sized kids?

This man was deliberately kicking her out!

Before, when August was in power, she could come and go whenever she wanted.

Now that a yellow-skinned Asian was in power, why should she be in a lower position?

She turned her head and stomped off in a huff on her high heels.

Terebei looked at the two children again, “Who is the elder of the Ye family and who is the little milk-loving Lingling?”

Fu Ziyan felt that the voice was vaguely familiar.

But since it was in English, he didn’t think too much about it and calmly said, “Little Ling Ling who loves to eat milk is me.”

Terry North shook his head, “Not quite.”

With a name like that, he should be an outgoing and lively person.

The child in front of him was mature and old-fashioned, not quite fitting the temperament of the name.

“It is indeed us.” Ye Jingzhan spoke blandly, “We’re here, can we let K go?”

“How do I know if you guys are impostors.” Terebei rubbed his chin, “Unless you guys can prove yourselves.”

Actually, he was already seven or eight percent convinced.

But it was still unbelievable that these two four or five year olds were famous hackers on the Darknet.

Ye Jingzhan nodded: “Do you have a computer here, just have a match and we’ll see.”

Terebei gestured and instructed his men to get ready.