HC Chapter 706

He too would suddenly be sad.

Although he was not sure where such sadness came from.

He pondered for a long time and said indifferently, “Although it is not difficult to find someone in H-land, it will cause other forces to be jealous, I need to think about it for a few days.”

Such a reaction was expected from Ye Yunla, and she curled her lips into a small smile, “Alright, then I will wait for your reply in peace.”

She nodded at the man and turned to walk calmly out the door.

She pulled open the door to the parlour and had barely taken a step out when she was blocked by a brightly dressed woman.

Isabel’s turquoise pupils were filled with anger as she said in a cold, lowered voice, “Someone who has a husband and still seduces someone else’s fiancé, are you Chinese women that delinquent?”

“Miss Isabelle, please watch your words.” Ye Yunla said coldly, “Mr. Terebei and I are talking about business cooperation, please don’t speculate on us with nasty thoughts.”

“Talking about cooperation and closing the door?” Isabel’s voice was a little unsteady with anger, “I’m warning you, stay away from my fiancé, or else I’ll get someone to slash your face with a knife.”

Ye Yunla laughed lightly, “Closing the door is certainly defensive, Miss Isabel might as well reflect on why her own fiancé is so defensive.”

Isabelle’s lungs exploded with anger.

Ye Yunla coldly swept her away and walked over to Feng Chengyu, saying in a light voice, “He said he needed to think about it for a few days, let’s go first.”

Feng Cheng Yu’s gaze wandered back and forth over her body for a few moments before he let out a sigh of relief and said, “Okay, go home.”

On the way home, Feng Chengyu was hesitant to say anything, and only when he reached the door did he say, “Lara, Terebei didn’t make any strange requests, did he?”

“What are you thinking about.” Ye Yunla laughed easily, “He’s just a bit unconvinced of my abilities, so he needs to think about it for a few days, so don’t think too much about it.”

The two walked side by side towards the villa and were just about to open the door when it was pulled open from the inside.

The two children, Fu Ziyan and Ye Jingzhan, were standing in front of the house fully dressed.

“Mummy, you’ve come back just in time!” Fu Zi Ling took the opportunity to complain, “Big brother and Jing’er went out without me and sister Yinyin, I was so angry.”

Ye Yunla was surprised and asked, “It’s almost time for dinner, where are you two going?”

Little Yinyin blinked her big eyes and spoke, “Big brother and brother said they were going to meet a friend.”

“You’ve made friends so soon?” Feng Chengyu was surprised, “How come I didn’t see that you two have such strong interpersonal skills.”

“It’s an internet friend.” Fu Ziling added, “It’s something big brother met online, what’s his name again ……”

Ye Jingzhan covered Fu Ziling’s mouth with one hand.

If mommy knew that he was going to meet Terebei now, mommy would never allow him to leave this door.

This action made the foxing in Ye Yunla’s heart even more suspicious.

She squatted down and said gently, “Little Yan Yan, Jing’er, tell Mummy, who are you going to see?”

Fu Ziyan pursed his lips and confessed, “It’s a friend Jing’er and I met online, he knows we’re in H-land and wants to invite us for a meal.”

“Children are children, no matter how smart they are, they are easily fooled.” Feng Chengyu said with a big grin, “The most important thing you can’t meet these days is an online friend, who knows if the other party is a human or a ghost, in case they abduct you and sell you to see what you can do.”

Ye Yunla said seriously, “This area is very unsafe, someone was robbed in front of our house last night, it’s too dangerous for you two kids to go out, I can accompany you to meet your friends.”

Ye Jingzhan rubbed his nose, it would be even more impossible to talk if he asked Mummy to go with him.

He had done so many things behind Mummy’s back, surely he couldn’t let her know ……

“Ah, I finally remembered.” Fu Ziling said in a loud voice, “Big brother and Jing’er’s friend’s name is Terry North!”