HC Chapter 701

Louis pulled out the dollars and counted them carefully, and was very satisfied when he was done.

He was also angry for his nephew because his nephew usually gave him a lot of filial respects, and when this woman gave it out, it was his oil and water for several months.

Ye Yunla stared at the change in Louis’ expression and knew that the man was greedy for money.

She bumped Feng Chengyu’s arm, who took out his wallet from his suit pocket and pulled out another thick wad of dollars, twice as much as he had just paid.

Ye Yunla smiled, “I heard that Mr. Louis is Terebei’s bodyguard, if there is a chance, I would also like to ask Louis to introduce us.”

“Well said, it’s all a small matter.”

Louis stood on tiptoe and snatched the money from Feng Cheng Yu’s hand, dipping his index finger in a bit of saliva on his tongue and counting it one by one.

Feng Chengyu smiled, “So can we go in now?”

Louis hid the money in the pocket of his shirt and coughed, “Of course we can go in. I’m going to find the boss and ask him if he has time to see you!”

He walked towards the banqueting hall with his hands behind his back.

You can guess what kind of person he used to be by looking at him like this ……

Ye Yunla put away her bright smile and said in a light voice, “Let’s go in first, as long as enough money is given, sooner or later we will see Terebei.”

Next, it was just a matter of waiting in peace.

Louis took the VIP lounge at the back of the banquet hall in his stride.

Their boss had long since arrived, talking to top business people from neighbouring countries about the details of the project.

He was bored, so he went to the entrance of the banqueting hall to look for anyone who could scrounge up some money.

No, two huge sums of money arrived at once.

Louis peeked in at the door of the VIP room and saw that the talks had ended and that Terry North had straightened his clothes and was getting ready to come out.

He stood up properly and nodded as he waited for Trebei to push the door open, “Boss, you’re done?”

Terebei glanced at him and said indifferently, “What is it?”

Louis said mysteriously, “Boss, there’s a top-notch beauty at the venue today, with a nice face and a decent body, so many men want to get their hands on her. But she found me and said she wants to be your mistress, Boss, would you like to go and meet her?”

That woman spent so much money just to meet the boss, it must be to be the boss’s mistress.

He had seen too many women like that in the past half month, he was responsible for pa*sing on the message already, but it was none of his business whether the boss saw her or not.

Terry North’s eyes sharpened, “Tell her to get lost.”

He was busy now, with forces to coordinate, new industries for the Black Party to pave the way, and a fear of a resurgence of outside forces ……

He didn’t have time to meet a woman who wanted to be someone’s mistress.

He took off at a stride and headed straight for the ballroom.

Louis breathed a fierce sigh of relief in fright, that look in the boss’s eyes just now was just too terrifying.

How could there be such a horrible person in this world ……

In the future, it is better not to come over and look for death for such a small amount of money.

Louis wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead and was about to go out when he was stopped by a delicate voice.

“Louis, wait.”

Isabel came over on her high heels.

Louis’s heart and soul tightened again, the jewel of the Grand Elder’s palm, the female demon who no one in the realm dared to mess with.

He hung his head even lower: “Miss Isabel, what can I do for you?”