HC Chapter 700

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips, “The army’s system hackers can’t infiltrate, so it seems we can only ask Terebei for help.”

“This is a core secret of every organisation, he won’t help us.” Fu Ziyan said in a light voice, “Didn’t he say he would meet with us, why don’t we meet once first and probe for more information.”

Ye Jingzhan slowly nodded his head.

Now that things had come to this, this was all that could be done.

The next afternoon, Ye Yunla and Feng Chengyu went to a business banquet hall in a neighbouring country.

Land H was surrounded by seven or eight small countries, and the country hosting the business banquet this time was a developed country, and the project was to rebuild cities and villages destroyed by war, houses, roads, railways, infrastructure …… Everything had to be rebuilt, of which the huge profit margin could be imagined.

Businessmen from surrounding countries all wanted to take part in this project to get a piece of the pie, and before the banquet even started, close to a hundred luxury cars were parked in front of the hotel.

Ye Yunla, dressed in a cheongsam with a shawl over her shoulder, walked towards the banquet hall holding Feng Chengyu’s arm.

It was rare to see such a purely oriental beauty over here, especially with her exquisite figure, which was in no way inferior to that of Europeans and Americans.

As soon as she appeared at the entrance of the banquet hall, she attracted the attention of countless people.

Feng Chengyu was a little offended: “You shouldn’t have worn a cheongsam.”

Ye Yunla showed a bright and lustrous smile, “Beauty is a woman’s greatest weapon, and by using it, you can often get twice the result with half the effort.”

When it came to times like this, she had nothing to hide.

If relying on her beauty could quickly penetrate the inner circle of the Black Party, she could not ask for more.

Feng Chengyu let out a silent sigh.

He was tempted to ask Lara if the other party wanted her body, would she also give her body in order to get information about Fu Beijiu?

But he didn’t dare to ask this, he was afraid that he would be killed by the look in Rara’s eyes.

The two of them walked up the steps to the entrance amidst the stares of the crowd, but were suddenly blocked by a guard.

“You can’t go in.”

The guard, who was about forty years old, had a serious face as he stopped the two outside.

Feng Chengyu’s eyes narrowed as he took the invitation and said, “We are representatives of the Feng Group, why can’t we go in?”

“Why ……” The man sneered and lowered his voice, “It was thanks to you two that my nephew York was arrested and thrown into a cell the day before yesterday, wasn’t it?”

Ye Yunla looked at the man in front of her …… She had checked the information last night and York’s uncle Louis had entered the core army half a month ago, working for Terebei.

I didn’t expect that Terebei’s forces had actually infiltrated here, and this Louis seemed to be quite trusted by Terebei.

If she wanted to work with Terebei, then she couldn’t offend these little followers.

Ye Yunla hooked her lips into a smile: “You should also know very well in your heart why York was caught in prison. He was molesting virtuous women under the nose of Terebei while Terebei was implementing the New Deal, so who should he be imprisoned for? Mr. Louis, you are also violating the New Deal rules in H-land by openly stopping the Feng’s representative from entering the meeting like this. If I report this to Terebei, do you know what will happen?”

Louis’ face instantly changed.

This woman, how dare she threaten him on his turf!

“But Mr. Louis, you are also fighting for your nephew, I think it’s justifiable.” Yvonne smiled again.

She unzipped her small leather bag and took out a wad of long-exchanged dollars and stuffed it into Louis’ pocket, “Hello, I’m good for everyone, so Mr. Louis shouldn’t dwell on a little past trifle.”